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A moment in time

29 April 2010, By: Frank Willburn

Sitting at the table you check your hole cards, in an instant they are burned into your mind.  Check, call, raise, fold.  All possibilities navigate through your head.  Subconsciously you feel out your opponents.  What does he have?   Why did she push her chips in just so?  What does that glancing look mean?  Flop comes 1-2-3.  No need to check what you have the mental image isindelible.  Once again the dance begins.  Check, call, raise, fold.  A thousand different hands, the same few actions.  The turn hits the felt.  Eyes dart about to check for any reaction.  Was that sigh of relief or disbelief?  Did she reach for chips to throw them in or protect her small hand?  Synapses firing at the speed of light.  The river.  The final card.  It can either keep your hand afloat or drown you, lost forever in its watery grave.  Check, call, raise, fold.  The familiar steps once again.  Now comes the showdown.  It is do or die.  You either have it or you don't.  Did he hit his draw?  Did she have a made hand?  What could I have done differently?  It all comes down to this, you either win or you lose.  All this happens in an instant.   All this lasts an eternity.  It is a moment in time.  It is poker.

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