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A Man Wins a Women's Poker Event - Cue Up the Firing Squad

19 September 2009, By: compncards

A man had won a women's poker tournament! The end of the world is nigh! I swear, if you were to read some of the news stories about this, you would think that the crime of the century had occurred. Starting with that said that Abraham Korotki has lost his self respect after winning to the dozens of other media outlets that are making this out to be something larger than life, it seems that people want to really make an example out of this guy.

Why? Let me ask something of all the women out there? How many of you would be offended if we started holding a "men only" poker tournament? I bet a good portion would start screaming sexism. However, if a guy claims that a women's event is sexist, then he is seen as being spiteful.

As I have stated many times before, I am personally against ANY tournament that discriminates. That includes "Seniors", "Casino Employees Events", etc. I believe that all poker tournaments at the casino level and higher should be open events. Women have been saying for years that they want to be respected as players, but then many will complain if a man wants to play in their event.

With that being said, I do personally believe that most men that enter a women's tournament are not doing so over any personal belief against sexism. I think they are doing it because they perceive the field as soft and easy money. What is sad is that this win by Kortoki will go a long way to reinforce that sentiment. Out of a field of 269, there were 268 women and 1 man. The man won. I would not be surprised to see more men try his trick. We wouldn't be even talking about this had he finished 50th.

If a tournament is determined to have a specialty event such as a women's event, why not have a men's event. It is only fair that if you are going to discriminate against one, do it against the other too. Of course, then you will have many that will speak out against it because it looks bad. Why doesn't a women's only event look bad? Are we supposed to overlook it because they are women? Isn't this defeating what many women set out to accomplish, and that's equal footing with their male opponents.

Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman don't play women's event for that reason. I was told by a certain female pro once that she will play in a woman's event so that she can practice bullying a table. If top women players are shunning women's events, what does that tell you?

Of course, I know many will read this and go "Men bad, women's events rock." That's fine. Just quit complaining when 268 women can't beat one man in a poker tournament. It's called sportsmanship. Oh wait...that word has man in it. That's evil too. Show sportswomenship then.

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  • PokerNetwork 19/09/2009 11:12am (12 years ago)

    Not everyone thinks it's a bad thing...