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A Collusion Story

24 August 2009, By: compncards

I happened to run across Hollywood Dave Stann's blog recently. I don't normally pay much attention to his blog due to not having a general interest in him, but his topic was of great interest. He was talking about how he experienced collusion in a game at the Wynn. Essentially, two guys at the table raised him out of a pot and then chopped the pot. When the floor was called, Stann was told that this was allowed, which Stann said was utter bullshit. I agree with him, but it went for naught as they allowed it to continue. Stann did the best thing he could, and got out of the poker room.

This reminded me of a incident in a Los Angeles card room back in 2007 in a Stud 8 or Better game. I won't go into which one as the situation was handled at the time. Essentially, what was happening was that a specific three or four players in a game, all regulars in the game, would push the pot like hell until they got heads up, at which point, they would ask if they wanted to check it down. Nobody at the table objected to this, and when I asked the dealer, he said it was allowed.

I was playing a pretty tight strategy and as a result, when they went into uber-raise mode, I became the ultimate calling station and was making a nice return. However, one of the regulars left and a certain regular tournament player in L.A. sat down at the table. I knew the guy loosely and knew he had a temper. It was not long before he started complaining about what was going on. The dealer assured him what was happening was the rules and play continued until a massive pot built between four players and then two of the players went into uber-raise mode on 5th street.

The two players checked down and one player showed a single pair for high and the other player a very weak low. The player with the hot temper went off and called for the floor. The floor man came over and gave a very weak ruling along the lines of "I'm sure that is not what happened, and since I did not see it, I can't rule."

This just made the guy madder and he TOLD him to get the floor manager. The floor manager came over and was a guy that I recognized. At this point, I had decided to leave the game and had started racking my chips. The player was now very angry and was nearly coming to blows. The floor manager started listened to the player and was starting to give a similar reaction as the first floor person. However, as I began to walk off, I just put my hand on the floor manager's shoulder and said "It's been going on for hours."

The floor manager's eyes went ABLAZE at this point. He then stood in the spot where I had sat an started chastising the entire table. He stated "That type of play is unethical and constitutes collusion. If I so much as even HEAR of this continuing, I will kick all of you out of this casino." He then looked at the dealer and told him that what they did was against the rules and he didn't know what they were told and by whom, but he is telling him what the rules are.

One of the regulars look at the floor manager and asked, "Why do you believe him?" His reaction was simply "Don't worry why." I honestly don't know why I was believed over the others. Maybe it was because I didn't blow up at him, or maybe it was because I was a non-regular that was walking away a 20 big bet winner.

Collusion should not be allowed in a casino. If you suspect collusion or you outright see it, call the floor. If the floor does not rule correctly, call the poker room manager. If you cannot get the matter resolved at that point, leave the game. Most games are honest games, but you will run across crooked games or people that take advantage of the rules to their benefit.

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