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A Big Warm Welcome For...Me!!!

18 February 2010, By: Melissa Castello
IMG 0114.350
IMG 0114.350

Hey all just want to introduce myself- My names Melissa Castello and I have been invited by Poker Junkie to keep you all informed on what’s happening in the poker world.

I spent the last two years traveling to cover some of the biggest poker tournaments from around the world. I've devoted hours to watching some of the best players in the game work their magic, while at the same time watching some of the worst players botch the game of poker completely. My brain hurts from the countless bad beat stories I've sat through, all while auto-nodding my head followed by one of my standard replies - 'man I hate when that happens, yeah that sucks, that's the worst', or a simple 'brutal.' I’ve been drunk in every corner of the globe, losing a poofta in China, forgetting my luggage in Korea (looong story!), danced with midgets in Manila, got kicked out of every bar in Sydney (almost), and Aruba stories I cannot share.

This photo shouldn't be here

I sacrifice myself for all this in order to share with you some of the excitement that happens in the poker world. Enjoy!

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  • Melissa 19/02/2010 9:56am (11 years ago)

    haha shhhhh that was left out on purpose! mmmmmm Rosati's. I'll be in Chi March 12th, can't wait for the real thing!!!! You should be jealous.

  • compncards 18/02/2010 2:53am (11 years ago)

    And don't forget losing your passport in Hong Kong. Now bring me some more pizza poofta!