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Flashback Friday - Scotty Nguyen Wins 1998 WSOP Main Event

10 July 2015 , By: compncards
1998 SCOTTY NGUYEN 172x264
The 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event has just completed Day 2 and the remaining players are beginning to seriously contemplate whether they can become poker's next world champion. In this edition of Flashback Friday, we look back to the 1998 WSOP Main Event and the heads-up match between Scotty Nguyen and Kevin McBride. At the river, the board was 9h-9d-8c-8h-8s and Scotty Nguyen moved all-in. While McBride contemplates what to do, Scotty says the immortal words he's now known for: :You call, it gonna be all over baby.
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Pledge of Allegiance Controversy - Poker Players Always Need Something to Bitch About

23 June 2015 , By: compncards
Pledge Flag 430x176
Many of you have probably heard about the controversy from the WSOP over the weekend regarding the Pledge of Allegiance being recited before the Seniors Event. I purposely waited to see the reaction from players and let others have their say. Nolan Dalla provided a well written and insightful piece that I don't completely agree with, but at least he presents it in a level-headed and respectful way. I'm not Nolan Dalla.

Daniel Negreanu Shares the Realities of Turning Pro

25 April 2015 , By: compncards
Any of you that have followed my blogs over the years know that I am not always the biggest Daniel Negreanu fan. I have always respected him as a player and for his job as an ambassador but there are times where we butt heads regarding some of his views. This is not one of those times. A couple days ago, I wrote an article about how I chose NOT to turn pro and instead took my bankroll and paid off my house.
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Flashback Friday - "Danny" Negreanu Defeats John Bonetti at the 1999 United States Poker Championship

20 February 2015 , By: compncards
FB Friday 347x300
Starting today, we will host a feature here at Poker Junkie that I'm dubbing "Flashback Friday. " Each week we will take a look back at a major poker confrontation, hopefully with a tie in to recent poker news. In this inaugural installment we take a look back at the 1999 United States Poker Championship Main Event. The Trump Taj Mahal poker room shut down this past Sunday for renovations but for many years the room was host to the USPC.
Categories: Daniel Negreanu, Danny Negreanu, John Bonetti, Taj Poker Room, Trump Taj Mahal, United States Poker Championship, USPC
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