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Phil Laak Shatters Record

9 June 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
Phil Laak is known for being outrageous but I don't think that word can really describe what he just did.   Laak played poker for over 115 hours straight at the Bellagio poker room this week. He set out to break the Guinness world record of 72 hours and 2 minutes by Larry Olmsted and the unofficial record by Dave Cain of 74 hours and 12 minutes. Not only did he do that but he set a completely new standard of crazy and played for over 115 hours.
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16 May 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
Cartman Casa Bonita
Sorry that Ive been MIA lately folks.   Had a long two weeks of travel and poker. First it was my bday April 29th so I went out to Colorado to visit a friend and party it up for the weekend. It was a blast, went to the Coors brewery to see how my fav domestic is brewed, went to a sexy circus, and had a bday dinner at Casa Bonita.

Get Hazed Into Team Victory!

23 April 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
At what length would you go to become a sponsored pro?  (I did not mean to rhyme there!) Seriously though what would you do if you knew you could get a sponsorship without having to actually play poker? Keep in mind you are not a Playboy model or C-list celeb who automatically gets a sponsorship and training. You're just an average Joe with a liking for the game and maybe an interest in living the poker dream. Victory Poker is hosting a contest looking  for the next addition to their growing team. A promo video was released on YouTube highlighting the lifestyle Victory Poker Pros live and giving a few details about the contest.
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For Reals or Fools?

1 2 April 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
box copy
Theres a few things going on this April Fools Day, can you tell which ones are reality and which are pranks?  1. A strange prop bet is brewing on Facebook and I'm not sure what to make of it.   It involves Jeff Madsen so pretty much anything goes, but it is also April Fools Day and this bet is a stretch! Jeff Madsen[http://www. facebook.
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