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Interview: Athene on The World of Poker and Warcraft

30 March 2010, By: Charlie River


First, please tell us a little bit about yourself?

How did you start playing WoW and how did you become the best?

For us in the poker community who do not play WoW, explain to us your




How is poker going for you? Which levels and games do you play?

Name three qualities you hold that makes you superior in WoW as well as poker?

What are the best and worst things about WoW?

WoW-term short for Random Number Generation)

Tell us about your project Friendly Poker? How many successful players have you


Why do you make a difference between female and male players?

Tell us about your entourage, who's Tania and the guy with the gun?


To become a successful poker player, can you as well name the three important aspects?

Are there any similarities in WoW and poker?

What is your favorite hand?

Tell us about your worst poker memory?


Lastly, would you consider some heads up cash game against one in the PokerJunkie editorial team?

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  • Erica 31/03/2010 10:43am (11 years ago)

    Great interview! =)