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Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

27 November 2014 , By: compncards
Happy Thanksgiving 366x300
Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and millions of Americans will gather to eat turkey, watch football and spend time with friends and family. Most sites at this point would give quotes or clips from poker pros and what they are thankful for this season but instead I will give you a thought to take throughout the year. Thanksgiving should not something confined to a single holiday. It is something that should be practiced throughout the year.
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Bashing Former Sponsors or Clients Does Not Help Professional Integrity

24 September 2014 , By: compncards
keep calm and have integrity 257x300
Former Ultimate Poker pro William Reynolds has been bashing his former sponsor. He's made several statements about the company that paint the company in a bad light, but also do little to help his personal reputation. I'm not going to debate the accuracy or inaccuracy of his statements because I have no internal knowledge of the company. Even if I did, I would not comment unless given the green light by the company.
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Tips to Help Freelancers Bounce Back from a Client Loss

30 July 2014 , By: compncards
Losing Client
This post is part informative and part brag post. A couple of weeks ago, I lost one of my largest clients and have been in the process of rebuilding mode. Most people in this situation would have stressed out, but coming from an IT background, I am used to constant change in the job market and I had a plan. Here's a few tips for success that have worked for me in the past when I have had to go into "rebuilding mode.
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Five Reasons Pro Players Leave the Game

11 April 2014 , By: compncards
sam holden
As many of you already know, former WSOP November Niner Sam Holden has decided to step away from poker for a while to pursue a degree in Philosophy. I have been thinking back on several players who have left the game either by choice or by necessity and the following seems to be the reasons behind "pros" leaving the game. 1. Poker Becomes too Much of a Grind 2.
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Opting Out is Not a Bad Thing

15 March 2014 , By: compncards
It appears that Ben "bttech86" Tollerene has decided to opt out from having his stats tracked by HighStakedb. I discovered this earlier today when putting together a "high stakes report" for another website. Chad Holloway has advocated against online poker players opting out in the past and this appears as good a time as any to readdress the issue. First, I don't really have an issue with players choosing to opt out from HighStakesDB or any other online tracking database.
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