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LEOCOP IV at Ladbrokes Poker in October

26 August 2008, By:
Ladbrokes Poker adds over $500,000 in prize money in LEOCOP IV, which will be running from Oct. 26 to Nov. 9.
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Ladbrokes Poker adds over $500,000 in prize money in LEOCOP IV, which will be running from Oct. 26 to Nov. 9.

LEOCOP (Ladbrokes European Online Championship of Poker) IV consists of 16 regular events plus a special Master Event on Nov. 17.

The Master Event is an invitation-only tournament for the top 80 players on the LEOCOP IV leaderboard. A $120,000 seat in the Poker Million VII Semi-Final will be at stake. The first prize in Poker Million VII is $1,000,000!

Ladbrokes Pro Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson

The LEOCOP IV Main Event is a Texas Hold'em tournament with a $1,000 + $100 buy-in. Ladbrokes Poker will be adding $250,000 to the prize pool.

In total there is 14 Texas Hold'em event (mostly No-Limit) and two Omaha events on the schedule. No other games will be played during the series, but there will still be a lot of variation with a heads-up tournament, a six-handed tournament and several re-buy events. Also included is a Ladies Championship and "Beat the Team" tournament.

"As you know, we put a lot of emphasis on the importance of community and the LEOCOP is like our annual family gathering," said Edward Ihre, Ladbrokes Poker MD.

"Of course, the kudos and the massive prize pools are also very good reasons that players Europe-wide play this fantastic event," Ihre said.

This is the complete LEOCOP IV schedule:

DateEventTitleAddedBuy InFeeFormat
Sun 26-Oct1Sunday Opening Tournament$10,000$150$15NL HE Re-buy
Mon 27-Oct2$50 Re-Buy$10,000$50$5NL HE Re-buy
Tue 28-Oct3DADDY 1 $10,000$300$30NL HE Freeze
Wed 29-Oct4Ladies Championship$2,500$50$5NL HE Freeze
Wed 29-Oct5Beat the Team$10,000$20$2NL HE Re-buy
Thu 30-Oct6Second Chance Plus$10,000$200$20NL HE 2nd Chance PLUS
Fri 31-Oct7FL Championship$10,000$250$25FL HE Freeze
Sat 01-Nov8Omaha Hi/Lo Championship$10,000$200$20PLO H/L 2nd Chance PLUS
Sun 02-Nov9Sunday Deep Stack$10,000$100$10NL HE Freeze
Mon 03-Nov10Omaha Championship$10,000$200$20PL Omaha Re-buy
Tue 04-Nov11DADDY 2$10,000$300$30NL HE Freeze
Wed 05-Nov12PL Championship$10,000$200$20PL HE 2nd Chance PLUS
Thu 06-Nov13Second Chance Plus 2$10,000$200$20NL HE 2nd Chance PLUS
Fri 07-Nov14Short Handed Championship$15,000$500$50NL HE 6 Seat Freeze
Sat 08-Nov15Heads-Up Championship$10,000$500$50NL HE Freeze
Sun 09-Nov16Main Event$250,000$1,000$100NL HE Freeze
Sat 22-Nov17Masters Event$120,000$0$0NL HE Freeze



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