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Train With Phil Ivey and Rule the Land of Pokerz

24 March 2011, By: compncards
Phil Ivey 430x275
Phil Ivey 430x275

If there is one person in the poker world whom you would want to learn poker from who would it be? We all know who my choice is in the matter. Today, I almost wet myself when I saw the following site:

The site loads to just a single page with a picture of his stare and the words:

"Now I'm going to teach the whole world to win at poker."

Dude! Sign me up! If there is one person I would actually pay to teach me how to play poker, it would be Ivey. This could be huge if this site is a truly legit site and not a "freebie" training site like the Full Tilt Poker Academy.

Don't get me wrong, the FTPA is great, but I don't expect durrrr to really give me true insight to his process. He might do it for certain situations to fulfill his contract, but that is it.

Regardless of which way this potential new "training site" goes, it will definitely draw a lot of fans, including myself. This could really be huge. This could be the online modern day version of Super System if done right. Maybe I am overly hyping the site, but is there anyone you would rather learn strategy from?

And the promotion should be relatively simple. "I'm Phil Ivey, and now I will teach you to play like me. Sign up here."

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