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Top 10 Moments in Poker for 2010 - Part 2

28 December 2010, By: compncards
Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

In yesterday's blog, I started counting down my list of the Top 10 Poker Moments of 2010 by giving you #10 through #6.  Today, I will give you the my top five moments.

#5 - Phil Ivey Wins 8th Bracelet

Many of you would figure that Ivey's 8th bracelet win would be the #1 moment in poker for me this year, but I expect him to win every year, so this was not a surprise.  However, the way he came back against Bill Chen was definitely news worthy.  He was at a severe chip disadvantage to start heads-up play and came storming back to make Bill Chen just another statistic.

#4 - Michael Mizrachi Wins $50,000 Poker Players Championship

Mizrachi wins the $50,000 Poker Players Championship

Michael Mizrachi's story started what was known as the "Year of the Comeback."  After virtually dropping off the poker map for over two years, Mizrachi won the $50,000 Poker Player's Championship for his first bracelet and over $1.5 Million in prize money.  He made three other final tables at the 2010 WSOP, including the 2010 WSOP Main Event where he finished 5th for over $2.3 Million.  He won over $4 Million in 2010 and showed to the poker world why "The Grinder" was the most feared poker player in the world in 2005 and 2006.

#3 - Vanessa Selbst Moves Up to #3 All-Time on the Women's Money List

Selbst after winning the PPT Cannes

It has been long known that Vanessa Selbst was a strong female player.  Her bracelet win in 2008 put her in the record books as one of only a handful of women to hold an open WSOP bracelet.  She took most of 2009 off to focus on her legal studies, but in 2010 she came roaring back to put herself near the top of the All-Time money list for Women.  Selbst won the NAPT Main Event at Mohegan Sun in March for $750,000.  After her win, talk started about how many women would win open events at the 2010 WSOP.  She then min-cashed the WSOP Main Event.

Two months later, Selbst would have the biggest score of her professional career when she took down the PPT Main Event at Cannes.  She survived a strong field of 764 players to walk away with $1.8 Million in prize money.  To cap off the year, she won another $226k for finishing 4th in the High Rollers Event at the EPT London.  Selbst finished in 6th on the 2010 Money list and moved up to 3rd on the All-Time money list for women.  Annie Duke and Kathy Liebert might be hard pressed to hold back Selbst from taking over the all-time lead, especially if she can put together more years like this past one.

#2 - The 2010 November Nine Final Table

The 2010 WSOP November Nine

I was never a proponent of the November Nine.  I thought it was a gimmick that failed to add little to the event.  Even after covering the first two November Nine's I felt this way.  This year, things changed.  The drama of the final table leading to heads-up play was some of the best that I can remember for a long time in poker.  When Jarvis spiked his set on the turn and Mizrachi miracled the ace on the river to make his full house, I literally was screaming at the computer.  When Cheong blew up with three players left, I was just as stunned as anyone in the room.  Watching Mizrachi rise to the chip leadership just to donk it all away was also rough.  For the first time, the November Nine I felt lived up to the hype.  Heads-up play was a little ho-hum, but overall the November Nine delivered.  Unfortunately, I feel that it was

#1 - Gus Hansen Says "F**k You Compncards" - Wins First Bracelet

I guess that showed me eh?

I wrote a blog earlier in the year stating that Gus Hansen should contemplate retirement due to his extremely poor play online that showed him losing in excess of $9 Million for his career.  Now, I realize that Hansen probably never even heard of my blog, but the timing of his bracelet win in the Heads-Up Event at the World Series of Poker Europe seemed too convenient.  It was almost like him saying "F**k you and your retirement talk Compncards.  I'll go win a bracelet now."  So whether Hansen was motivated by external bloggers or the poker gods decided to make me look silly, I feel I had some small part to play in his win.  Now if I can figure out a way to help Andy Bloch and Matt Stout win their bracelets.

So there you have it folks.  Feel free to comment and tell us what you thought were the top moments of 2010 and we will look forward to hearing from you and blogging to your in 2011.

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