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Top 10 Moments in Poker for 2010 - Part 1

27 December 2010, By: compncards
annie duke NBC head up 2010
annie duke NBC head up 2010

Since we are entering the final week of 2010, it is time for me to be a lemming and do my year in review posts like every other poker blogger and writer in the poker media.  However, you all know I love to put my own opinion on this, so over the next couple of days, I will give you MY Top 10 Poker Moments of 2010.

#10 - Annie Duke Wins NBC National Heads-Up Championship

Annie Duke does not play the same schedule as many other pros due to her family.  As such, she really has to try and take advantage of the live events she plays in.  She has been making final tables over the last couple of years at the WSOP, but outside of a Media Event win in 2009, Duke had not outright won an event since she won the 2004 Tournament of Champions.  Her win in the Heads-Up Championship fueled the "Year of the Woman" talk and put a pro I personally root for solidly back on the poker map.

#9 - Peter Eastgate Retires From Poker

Look at me!  I won all this money!  It's MINE!  Bye!

I know some of you do not like the fact I am ecstatic that 2008 WSOP Main Event Champion Peter Eastgate retired, but I frankly don't care what you think in that aspect.  Eastgate stated that:

1.  He was financially secure now and that was his main goal for playing professional poker

2. He no longer desired to play at a competitive level.

I am happy to see a pro that has truly felt that they have accomplished what they have set out and will now move on.  And as I have stated time and again, I hope we never see Peter Eastgate in poker again.

#8 - Erik Seidel Voted into the Poker Hall of Fame

Erik Seidel during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Erik Seidel was voted into the Poker Hall of Fame this year, celebrating a career that includes 8 WSOP bracelet and 1 WPT title.  This was a long time coming to one of the good guys of the game.

I personally got the chance to play with Erik for several hours a few years ago and he was just the same in the game as you see him on the TV.  Also, outside of the tables, he is very approachable and is probably one of the few pros that I never seem to have a problem with.  This was a long time coming, and it was a honor that was well deserved.

#7 - Jennifer Harman and Kathy Liebert Voted into Women's Hall of Fame

The two most deserving women got into the Women's Hall of Fame this year.

When I filled out my Women's Poker Hall of Fame ballot, and yes I filled one out, I originally nominated both Harman and Liebert and subsequently voted for both of them.  Kathy is currently the best female NL Hold'em player on the planet.  While Vanessa Selbst is making headway in taking over that title, for now Liebert still has the all-time lead.  Harman is easily the best all-around female player in the world, and maybe of all-time.  She is also one of the best cash game players in the world regardless of sex.  Their inductions into the Women's Hall of Fame had my seal of approval and both were well earned.

#6 - Allen Kessler "Nits Up" the World Series of Poker

Allen wants YOU to "Nit it up like the Chainsaw"

Allen Kessler is a pro that many people like to hate on due to his playing style.  He is not as aggressive as many other players and has a tendency to min-cash in a lot of events.  However, Allen does have an impressive resume that includes over $2 Million in tournament winnings.

This year's WSOP proved to be the best ever for Kessler as he cashed eight times and made it heads-up in the $10,000 Stud Hi-Lo World Championship.  This was the 2nd time in his career that he made it heads-up for a bracelet.  He also cashed in the 1k Event at the WSOP Europe.  Perhaps in the future more people should "Nit it up" like Chainsaw.

I will be back tomorrow with my top five poker moments of 2010.  Feel free to comment or include your own.

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