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The First Annual PokerJunkie Poker Awards

23 December 2010, By: compncards

Several poker sites have been having fans vote on which players they think are award worthy in several categories. Personally, I don't like contests, and since my opinion is the only one that matters, I am going to present the first annual PokerJunkie Poker Awards.

The winners receive the following: We here at only give out the finest in pictures of poker trophies.

Here are the winners:

The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Because We Really Don't Give a Shit Award - Vanessa Selbst.

After a year that included 2 major poker titles and over 2.8 Million in tournament winnings, Selbst is beginning to challenge Kathy Liebert for the "Best Female Poker Player" title.

The UberNit Whom You Wish You Had 1/2 Their Ability Award - Allen Kessler

Believe it or not, Kessler amassed over $578,000 in tournament winnings this year and moved over the $2 Million mark for his poker career.  He cashed 8 times at the WSOP and 1 time at the WSOP Europe, including finishing 2nd in the Stud Hi-Lo World Championships.  He also bubbled the final table of the Festa Al Lago WPT Main Event.  There are a lot of big names that didn't have half the year Kessler did, but yet he is the UberNit.  Give 'em hell Chainsaw!

The Best "Coming Out of the Closet" Award - Kevmath

Up until September of this year, for all we knew Kevmath was some mysterious hermit that was surfing the web out of his parents closet.  That all changed when Tatjana Pasalic proved that he was not an episode of Hoarder in wait, but a real live person.  Bluff Magazine then hired on Kevmath in an editorial capacity and the rest is history.

The "Who the Hell Are You" award - Frank Kassela

While it is true that Kassela had a decent resume prior to 2010, the 2010 WSOP was really his coming out party.  With two bracelet wins, three final tables, six cashes, and the Player of the Year award, Kassela introduced himself to the poker world in a big way.  Of course, he hasn't done anything since then, but there is always next year right?

The "Thang Luu is a Jackass" Award - Cheater at the WSOP

Thang Luu won back to back bracelets at the 2008 and 2009 WSOP, but was banned for the 2010 WSOP after breaking a dealer's hand at the 2009 WSOP.  However, Luu didn't cheat.  What happens to cheaters?  Just ask the guy who got kicked out of the 2010 WSOP for stealing chips from another stack.  He got the ban hammer.

The Flash in the Pan Award - Bill Edler

Bill Edler won $2.7 Million in poker events in 2007, including a bracelet.  He then went 0 for 2008 and only made just under $43k in 2009.  His 2010 results?  $10,665.  That's about 1/10 of Doyle Brunson's 2010 winnings.  And Doyle just turned 147.

The "F**k You Compncards" Award - Gus Hansen

After a series of reports on losses Hansen had sustained online coupled with several abysmal session near the end of August, I wrote the blog, Gus Hansen - Maybe It's Time to Retire. The reaction? Did Hansen flame me on Twitter or have cronies blast my blog on 2 plus 2?  No.  He just goes out to the WSOP Europe and wins his first ever bracelet, effectively saying "F**k you Compncards."  As such, I think prior to the 2011 WSOP, I will write a series of blogs entitled "Andy Bloch - Maybe It's Time to Retire" and "Phil Hellmuth - The Game Has Passed You By."

The "About Time" Award  - Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel was finally inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame this year.  The 8-time bracelet winner and consummate pro finally received the accolade from his peers that really mattered, and it was about time.

Here are the Honorable Mention Awards -

Best "Hot Female Who Will Take Your Money at the Table" - Liv Boeree

Best "Poker Pro Turned Commentator that Had to Go Back to His Day Job" - Phil Gordon

Best "Live Poker Imitating Online Poker" Award - The 2010 WSOP Main Event Final Table

Best "I'm Phil Ivey's Bitch" Award - Bill Chen

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