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Shutting Down Brothels = Job Growth According to Reid

24 February 2011, By: compncards
Brothel 399x300
Brothel 399x300

So let me get this straight, Harry Reid is for online poker, but he is against legalized brothels.

On Tuesday, Reid addressed the Nevada State Legislature and said that brothels should be shut down because they are stifling job growth in Nevada. He claims that getting rid of them will get rid of the tarnished image of the state.

Really? Legalized sex is the reason Nevada has a tarnished image? Yes, when I hear people talk about Nevada, I hear them say "You know, I would go out there except for those damned brothels."  Or"I swear, if not for those scantily clad women legally charging for sex in remote counties, I would go to Las Vegas."

What idiot on Reid's staff thought this was a good idea? Actually, if he had more women playing with his staff (if you know what I mean) then maybe he wouldn't be so uptight.

Look at where these brothels are located. Most are in the ass end of nowhere. I have been to several areas where these brothels are located. With MAYBE the exception of Mound Hill, there aren't any businesses exactly looking to knock down the doors of the areas where the brothels are located.

As the article in stated, the state should look at other factors as reasons why businesses are coming into town. Unless your business is Chik-Fil-A or one run by the Southern Baptist Association, most aren't going to really give a damn.

And if they do, fine.  There are plenty of place in the state where brothels are not located. Of course, I can't guarantee anything about the homeless people, broke gamblers, drug dealers, or the like, but at least you won't have any legal hookers.

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