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Running Bad in Las Vegas

12 May 2010, By: compncards
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To say that my first week in Vegas has been unforgettable is a bit of an understatement.

I’ll start with the gaming aspect. My first full day, I decided to play in cash games for the better part of the evening downtown. The table I sat down to had a lot of money on the table for the limits and a lot of bad players. Unfortunately, I was unable to capitalize on the situation and make a substantial profit. In fact, I was running pretty crappy for the biggest part of the day. If not for one huge hand, I would have probably lost my whole buy-in early on, but I was able to hang tough. The cards turned around for me later in the evening and I was able to make back a 20 big bet loss and pull about 10 bets ahead until two big hands where twice I ran two pair into a set. I still only managed to finish down about 8 big bets for the day that lasted about 7 hours.

My tournaments have been running pretty rough with two really crappy beats. There is a small rebuy tournament at a little locals casino called Poker Palace that I have played in twice. Gets about 3 tables max and to say that the players are bad is an understatement. The first event I played there I was 2nd in chips after the rebuy period and made the final table pretty easy. Sadly, I finished in 9th. I was in late position with kings with one of the shorter stacks at the final. A mediumish stack raised ahead of me and I moved all-in. The player could have folded, but would have been short comparable to the blinds. If he calls and loses, he has less than one orbit left. He makes the call with 8s-8d. I like my spot until three spades come on the flop. The turn is another spade and I am out in 9th place. I played the same event today and we were down to 12 players. (6 at my table) I am about 2nd short stack at the table. I look down to Ac-10c on the button and move in. A medium stack decides to call with As-8s. Great! Again, I am all-in with the best hand. Sadly, the flop screws me again. Eight on the flop puts me behind. Ace on the turn and eight on the river and I am out in 12th. I guess I need to learn how to win a hand after starting with a dominating lead pre-flop.

I played in a HORSE tourney on Sunday and got my run good early in the event. I was up to around 13k at the first break and really didn’t win a pot of significance afterwards. Just ran horribly. Overall, my poker has ran pretty crappy and if not for some decent video poker winnings, I would be way down right now.

However, I thought I was about to be dealt the bad beat of my life come Sunday. I had been experiencing some “chest discomfort” and other nagging issues that “could be” heart related, but it was more likely a pulled muscle in my opinion. Well, before going to the HORSE tourney I was in, I had some slight numbness in the face with head pressure. That bothered me a bit, but it went away and I felt fine. Well, during the HORSE tourney I had some of the check discomfort come back as well as a general “out of it” feeling. The head pressure returned after busting out the event. This was too much to ignore, so I wound up checking myself into Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, NV.

Since heart disease runs in my family, the attending doctor wound up admitting me to run a battery of tests on me. I wound up staying at the hospital from Sunday Night until Tuesday afternoon. All of the tests run came back as negative for any heart problems and no heart attack had occurred. However, my blood pressure is somewhat elevated. I am on blood pressure pills for the next month and if there are any other problems, I need to go back and be evaluated. The doctor thinks that my problems are muscular in nature as far as the discomfort etc.

In addition to the blood pressure, I need to continue to work on weight and diet. I say continue as I had already started working on that and had lost some weight before this episode. Overall, that will be the best thing for me, and after this ordeal, I have added incentive to continue.

So, in the end, how I am running at poker isn’t as big of a concern as it has been. Yes, it sucks that I am not running well at the tables. However, when it really matter, my hand in life managed to hold up. Now its time to work on improving both games.

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