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Poker Players: Put Down the Damn Weed

22 April 2011, By: compncards
Degen Gamblers
Degen Gamblers

Since Black Friday hit last week, Marco Valerio and have been running a non-stop pokercast talking about issues surrounding the indictments.

One of the topics getting a lot of play is cleaning up the image of poker players and so called "degenerate gamblers."

To quote what one of his guests said during the pokercast, "Put down the damn weed."

Who is the image of the typical poker player according to the American public? They are young, brash, "degenerate gamblers" that spend most of their time playing poker.

When they are not playing poker, they are partying, smoking weed, hanging out at strip joints, or trying to live the "baller lifestyle"

Also, how many times have you heard the phrase "I was going to college to become a (insert future career path here), but I dropped out to pursue poker"?

The Loudest Get the Most Attention

Welcome to the American Condition

If We're Ever Going to Be Taken Seriously...

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