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Norm MacDonald Isn't As Bad As We Thought - He's Worse

28 February 2011, By: compncards
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Godzilla Facepalm 430x260

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Norm MacDonald was going to be the new host of High Stakes Poker. Back then, I said I thought this would be a bad move. While I believed what I wrote, I never expected the performance I listened to last night.

Norm MacDonald has to be, by far, the absolute worst commentator in the history of televised poker. He was dry, witless, and his poker knowledge seemed lacking. In fact, I almost wonder if he was fed some of his lines. There were times that he really sounded like he had absolutely no clue about what was going on.

The show was brutal to listen to. The lineup didn't exactly scream dynamic television either, but if Gabe was in there, he would have livened it up a bit. There is a reason why most poker shows have at least one person that is a poker player. Even ESPN has Norman Chad.

While Chad may not be the best poker player, he has a clue. In addition, Lon is a fantastic broadcaster. If you are going to have a non-poker personality in the booth, at least make sure he or she is a good play-by-play man or woman. I would much rather have Kara Scott in there commentating over Macdonald.

I think the only reason that I will have to watch the show this season is to critique just how bad MacDonald is doing at the mic. Otherwise, I have no reason to watch.

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  • compncards 26/06/2011 6:00pm (10 years ago)

    At this point I would almost just take lively. There are so many good fits for that role that I can't fathom why the networks thought MacDonald would be a good fit. Time will tell whether we get another season.

  • aces4life 26/06/2011 10:26am (10 years ago)

    I agree. MacDonald is boring, unfunny, monotone and doesn't seem to have a clue about poker. When Gabe said "[player] is thinking..." you knew there was a good probability that was exactly what s/he was thinking. Norm seems to be guessing. They have ruined this show. If they are able to have a new season without ad revenue from online poker rooms, I hope that they find a commentator who is lively and knows poker.

  • compncards 03/04/2011 11:24am (10 years ago)

    It has nothing to do with nobody being able to replace Kaplan, it has to do with the boring, near monotone replace they picked. I've watched every episode and to say he is servicable is beyond being generous with him. I find myself at least twice an episode verbally telling him to shut up. I still hope this is his only season on the show.

  • Drew M 03/04/2011 6:33am (10 years ago)

    I completely disagree, and I enjoyed Kaplan. At first I was confused by Macdonald taking the gig, but I think he's done more than a servicable job. Seems like your not even giving Macdonald a chance cause you think no one can replace Gabe Kaplan. He lets the game unfold without over analyzing every move and talking over the players which I can of like. He might not be as percetive as Kaplan was, but to say his knowledge is lacking might be a bit much. He's gotten better each show I've watched, and I've always enjoyed his work on SNL and his standup.

  • Mike H 19/03/2011 10:32am (10 years ago)

    Soooooooooo true. I loved HSP, and now its just about unwatchable because of the commentator.