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My 2010 WSOP Trip Begins

4 May 2010, By: compncards
TJ 225x300
TJ 225x300

My cross country excursion to the 2010 World Series of Poker has begun. Headed out earlier in the evening and had to actually take a bit of a different route than normal. Due to the flooding in Tennessee, I cannot use 40 through the state so I ended up going I81 to I64. I’ll do some maneuvering to get back on I40 by Wednesday latest.

Today’s leg of my trip took me through West Virginia and Kentucky. (Insert redneck or incest joke here.) My trip was really relatively uneventful except for three things.

1. I need to go back and visit Louisville, KY sometime. It looks gorgeous. Of course, I saw it at night so that is one reason I say I need to go back. I’d like to get some pics of the bridges etc in the state. I like iron bridgework for some weird reason.

2. I stopped in some hole in the wall in KY for dinner. (Btw, who the hell ever heard of a 24 Hour McDonalds not running their drive through from 11 P.M. to 5 A.M. They want you to come inside.) So I went to Wendy’s and ordered my food. Well, my server starts talking up a storm about how his boss is 54 and is going to take early retirement from Wendy’s to go sell stuff on Ebay.

First, I didn’t know you could take early retirement from Wendy’s. I thought only Dave Thomas would have gotten something like that when he was alive. Next, why sit here and tell me your boss’ life story damn near. What if I am some weird Ebay stalker? Ok, that may be a bit much, but c’mon people, just serve me.

3. Not all people that play poker succeed. We know this. Some are reduced to grinding and/or begging for stakes. Others give it up and go back and earn a regular living. Well, the guy that works nights for the hotel I am in is one of those people. When I walked in, I thought I recognized him and he did a head cock of “wait a minute. Don’t I know you?”

Anyway, I figured that no way was this who I was thinking of. Anyway, he registers me for my hotel and I give him my credit card. It is a special WSOP promo credit card I got from Bank of America back in 2006 I think. Anyway, he goes “World Series of Poker huh? Are you playing next week in the tournament down the road.” There is a casino near here that hold a tournament series every year and I told him I was going to Vegas for the summer. He then went into how he used to live out there etc.

I know he did. I used to play him. The last time I played him, we were killing time before a nightly NL tourney in a $2-$4 game. The funny but sad part was that I remember him talking about how that he was in a losing streak and was having trouble making rent money. I guess we can assume what happened.

Of course, he may be one of those that works during the night and then plays away his earnings at the nearby casino. Hopefully that is not the case, but it may be.

Anyway, that is about the only things interesting on this leg of the trip. I will continue tomorrow after a call with Harrah’s regarding the WSOP. Look out for an article about the call tomorrow.

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