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Is Your Career Worth $550?

11 September 2009, By: compncards
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A couple of months ago, there was a story circulating of a dealer being canned from the Bellagio in Las Vegas after said dealer stole a $1,000 ante chip out of Bobby's Room. Now, there is a new story where four floor supervisors tried to defraud Planet Hollywood out of money after falsifying records regarding "phony jackpot reports."

From reports, it looks like these four supervisors were piece mealing out jackpot claims from poker players and then pocketing the money. There are 26 different special or high hands that will win players money in varying amounts. Surveillance staff noticed that the people that these reports were filed on had never actually played at the tables and as a result, charges were filed.

You know what was sad about this? A grand total of $2,201 was stolen. It amazes me that staff would try and pull this at a large casino in Vegas. Had this occurred at a little casino in the middle of nowhere, such as Shakopee, MN, then I could see the staff thinking they could get away with something. While it is true that casinos have all types of surveillance etc, the smaller casinos are clearly going to not be scrutinized as much as larger ones.

What surprises me more about this later scenario is that floor supervisors decided to pull this scheme. Not only did they get arrested, but they have effectively ended their gaming careers. I can understand how a dealer might try and steal. If you look at how little they really get paid, the temptation can be overwhelming. However, a floor staffer should know better and honestly should not need to do it.

If you think about it further, that $2,201 was split between 4 people. In reality, these guys gave up their careers for $550 bucks each. That's sad.

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