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Hitting the Nuts Deals a Winning Hand

25 April 2011, By: compncards
Hitting the Nuts 199x300
Hitting the Nuts 199x300

A little over a month ago, I received a tweet about a new "poker comedy" that was coming out on DVD called "Hitting the Nuts."

It had won Best Feature Film at the Derby City Film Festival earlier this year and won the Audience Choice Award at the Cincinnati Film Festival last year.

It was $14.98 on the site with a release date of April 15th. I decided to buy the DVD and take a gamble.

The DVD arrived on April 18th via US Mail, so they already had brownie points for actually delivering on time. This movie is the "true story" of the Scott County Series of Poker, a yearly underground poker tournament held every year in Indiana. It is set up in a "mockumentary" style similar to "The Grand."

I won't lie. The first thought when I looked over the case was "this is probably going to be crap."

The movie was written, directed  and produced by Joe Boyd. He even played one of the characters, Ezekiel Yoder. Had I not seen the previews before this, I might have went into this with a negative view. Fortunately, I had seen the previews, so I was looking forward to checking it out.

Here are your base characters:

Ezekiel Yoder

Carol Marshall

Dean Livy

William Argo and Jill Fields

Josh and Dirty Rivers

Rev. Thomas Masterson

Mayor Gary Stetson

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  • Norm Freitag - Lead Editor 25/04/2011 2:31pm (10 years ago)

    Wow! Thank you for that. I really appreciate it. I love getting honest feedback.

    Glad you liked it. We tried to make a movie that everyone would like. I cut it in such a way that non-poker players would like it too, but I tried to be as respectful to the action as possible. I also cut it like a documentary, not like a comedy. (I can't believe I narfed up Cat Lady. I may go back and look at that if it's that obvious.)

    Thanks again for the review. We're hoping to get larger distribution and reviews like this really help. So thank you again!