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Even the Hookers are Feeling the Pinch

24 April 2009, By: compncards

I was out in Vegas back in December to play in a series of poker tournaments and for the first portion of my stay, downtown Vegas was hopping.

There was all kinds of action going on and a lot of people bellying up to the tables.  Then about a week later, things virtually died.  I had come to find out that the only reason things had been so busy was that the rodeo was in town.

What I was experiencing after they left was what seemed to have been the norm in a lot of the casinos lately, especially the off strip casinos.

One thing I have discovered and I know this sounds weird, is you can tell how bad people are financially by talking to hookers.  I have a couple of friends that are "escorts".  Escorts are basically hookers, but they are not street walkers.

They are the ones you will find on certain escort sites or on craigslist.  One of my friends was telling me that her business has really dropped in the last few months.  The decline in the economy has essentially eliminated a lot of people's disposable income.  Normally the holidays for her are slack, but this past year they were disastrous.

From what I have been told, even at times when casinos were losing money or their profits were shrinking; their business was still in decent shape.  One friend stated that one of her friends have not seen times this hard since before Bill Clinton took office.

I am not trying to elicit sympathy for escorts.  I am just pointing out just how difficult times have gotten.  When "the oldest profession in the world" is having difficulty making money, you know times are tough.

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