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Doyle Brunson Considering Leaving Las Vegas

20 January 2011, By: compncards

Doyle Brunson revealed in his blog Tuesday that he is considering leaving Las Vegas due to the lack of high limit action.  He stated that Vegas is not a very desirable place for a poker pro anymore.

Doyle's consideration of moving to California is a good one in my opinion.  Personally, if I were to move someone just for the sake of playing poker, California would be one of the first places that I would consider.  The main reason is that you can really find the best spread of poker out in California, especially in the Los Angeles area.

If you are a Hold'em player, you can find a NL game just about anywhere.  However, outside of NL Hold'em, other games start to get scarce in many area.  For those that know Vegas, can any of you tell me a place outside of the Orleans that spreads Omaha?  How about Stud games?  What about Limit Hold'em in any limit under $20-$40?  Ok, well the Limit Hold'em can be found a little easier, but the choices are not that great.

However, if you walk into most of the casinos in the Los Angeles areas, you will be surprised at the varied limits you will find with most games.  You can find Hold'em and Stud games as low as $1-$2 limit.  I kid you not.  Omaha Hi-Lo is a little more scarce, but you can usually find a game at the Bike and at Hawaiian Gardens.  In addition, there is plenty of tournament action around the area.  If you play middle and high limits, you can find a game out there too.  I honestly don't play that high, but you can find it.  I have personally only stepped foot inside of the Commerce once, but many people swear by the casino.  The one day I went there, they only had Hold'em spread, but from I am told, they will spread anything you have an interest for.

In addition, I think that just about any casino out there would be happy to try and make Doyle feel at home.  I am pretty sure Larry Flint would put him up nicely, or maybe Jerry Buss could hook him up at the Bike.

Whether Doyle is really considering the move or whether it is frustration over game availability remains to be seen.  If he does make the move, don't be surprised if one of the poker rooms out there rename their high stakes areas to "Doyle's Room."  (For a nominal copyright fee of course.)

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