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Divita Winning Friends With QuadJacks Appearance - Not Really

15 September 2011, By: compncards
Bullshit 300x300
Bullshit 300x300

This evening, I learned that Michael Divita was going to be a guest on QuadJacks Radio.

In all honesty, I haven't listened to QuadJacks for a while.  The show went downhill and after an incident a while back where they used some information I provided them to ambush a friend, I quit listening.

However, Marco can sometimes perform some brilliant interviews and I was mildly curious to hear what Divita had to say.

Before I get started on my rant, I will say that Marco did a great job with the interview with both Divita and Steve Martin afterwards.

Good to see there is still some value left in QuadJacks.

Now on to the rest of my rant.

I read the post on 2+2 that Divita wrote regarding his past charges, and frankly didn't believe him.

I will be the first to admit I tend to lean towards being closed minded when it comes to someone harming kids. However, when you work with youth camps and kids for over 20 years, you tend to be that way.

Anyway, I got in during the narrative about how that Divita was getting kicked out of the EPL Main Event and listened. While I was somewhat interested, I wanted to see if Marco would actually put the guy to the test about his past.

And he did. However, early on I got suspicious when Divita wanted Marco to "ask specific questions" as he wasn't good at the narrative.

First, how can you not be good at the narrative over a felony conviction? After 20 years, you should have some type of story down, even if it is a lie.

So we get a story about how  he was accused of patting a girl on the ass. It is supposedly a lie linked to an affair he had.

Then he supposedly agreed to plead guilty and take a short jail sentence because his pregnant girlfriend told him too. Supposedly he could get his record expunged later.

If I were him, I would be saying,"Let me get this straight. Agree to be plead guilty, when I am not, just to make my girlfriend happy? Fuck that."

Instead, he goes "Ok."

While he is on probation, he claims that he got put in prison for three years because he failed to tell his parole officer that he switched doctors.

Initiate logic disconnect.

What? How does that work? Sounds like some details are missing there.

Next, he talks about the case that was dismissed. When he was asked what charges he was facing the 2nd time, he couldn't remember.

What? How do you not remember the charges? I call bullshit.

From what Divita says, the boy made charges and kept changing his story. The boy was then told to be quiet by his lawyer because otherwise he would face charges.

Parts of this story almost sound believable, such as why the boy didn't testify. However, Divita claimed to only have met the boy once.

So, both cases Divita was framed right? If what he said in the first case is true, he's a dumbass.

If I were innocent, I would fight those charges. Unless you just are utterly clueless, the ramifications behind that type of charge haunt you forever.

And honestly, as someone that has spent most of my lifetime working with kids and those that work with them, even those that beat the rap still have issues the rest of their life because they were the guy that was "accused of molesting kids."

The next thing that bugged me about the interview is the fact that Divita kept being funny. Most of the time it was just awkward or just bad.

Other times it was borderline creepy.

"I did poke her ... but not the minor."

Really dude? You really needed to go there?

And don't get me started on the bad Mexican accent he did when he was told that Jon Aguiar asked a question.

I went into this with a closed mind regarding his past but open ears regarding what happened with Epic. I was even leaning towards maybe even saying give the guy $20k to shut him up.

I left hoping they don't give him a dime.

Yes, I said I went in with a closed mind regarding his past. I don't believe him, especially after listening to him.

What I heard is a guy that is poorly trying to cover up his past and with a somewhat implausible story. Either he has had the worst luck and is an idiot, or he is a total creep.

I wonder if Divita's goal was to see how many people could hate him?

If that was his goal, then mission accomplished. Otherwise, this interview did nothing to help his reputation except for maybe those who like to take people at their word solely.

As Kevmath said when I mentioned the same on Twitter, "More like all of the above."

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