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Daniel Shills, Talks to Himself, and Plays With his New "Thick" Toy

22 March 2012, By: compncards

I finally got around to watching the Daniel Negreanu Vlog this week after Kevmath's not so subtle hint. During the video I hear the middle school girls in my head going "Dude, seriously? That is so gross."

About a minute in I stole a line from Finding Nemo and just started singing "Just keep shilling, shilling, shilling." I want to know if Daniel got any kickback for his infomercial.

All we needed was the Sham-Wow guy there letting Daniel play his schticky and it would have been complete. (Daniel does apparently like big and thick his microphone."

Then he channeled his inner Hellmuth talking about "hey look, I work with charity and we tried to pull a prank." Of course, that prank backfired and he had to get in that the kid "really didn't win." That is kinda like how he didn't tell Epic Poker League employees "I told you so" on the day of the EPL bankruptcy.

Remember how I have always said that Daniel talks for the sake of hearing himself talk? Check out the portion of him "interviewing" Scotty Nguyen and you will see what I mean.

Btw, I did find it funny how that as much as Daniel seems to hate Jeffrey Pollack, he almost looked like him during the interview.

I could go on about his "I'm a big deal" t-shirt, but I already have filled my quota for penis jokes in this entry.

Honestly, the only reason I watched this Vlog is because Kevmath mentioned me on Twitter. I contacted him about what was going on because I have been a bit busy the last couple of days.

Kevmath filled me in about Daniel getting banned from 2+2 for posting his video and was not happy. In other words, mIRC poker edition.

For those that do not know what mIRC is and my reference there, it will take too long to explain.

If you have 20 minutes that you can never reclaim ever again in your life to watch the vlog, the video is below.

Just keep shilling, shilling, shilling.

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  • Hank 23/03/2012 11:04pm (9 years ago)

    meh, wasn't so bad imo. It's a new series, I'm interested in how it works. Guy needs to make a living. THe big and thick thing was weird though.