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Daniel Negreanu Disappointed With Poker Community Over UB/AP

8 May 2011, By: compncards
Men Nguyen 430x285
Men Nguyen 430x285

Daniel Negreanu posted a blog on Saturday where he essentially called out the poker community as a whole for not blackballing UltimateBet (now UB and Absolute Poker) over the whole cheating scandal.

Now it appears the companies are going to cut and run and he says that the community as a whole is at fault.

I'm not going to disagree with Daniel's take on this as it always seemed odd to me how the company stayed in business. And it wasn't like there were other issues outside of the cheating scandal.

Security holes in the software, problems with tournament registrations, and pots being pushed to players that didn't win them are just some of the issues that have cropped up that made me question what was going on.

However, I do have one question for Daniel. How does this surprise you?

Look at the game of poker as a whole. Literally everything you can imagine has been done by players in our game, and eventually overlooked.

We have current and ex-potheads and druggies. We have convicted child molesters and sexual predators in our game. There are even former cheaters, both online and in the live game, that are in our game - including bracelet winners.

It's hard to sit there and say that we should or should not have done something to UB/AP when it is clear by our history that so many are given passes.

Even Russ Hamilton is allowed to play poker inside of casinos. He may not show his face in tournaments, but he is still out there. At some point, people are either forgiven, or they are tolerated for the sake of their money.

Did people drink the kool-aid of the "new Ub?" Of course. Their money was green, and people took it while they could get it.

Will a lot of people get screwed over as a result? It is almost a 100% yes.

And guess what. It will happen again. Where money is involved, people will try and find a way to scam you out of it. And other people will willingly take part to help them as long as they get paid.

Is it right? No. But it is reality.

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