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10 April 2008, By:


In real life, bad_ip is called Jonny Lodden - a young Norwegian online poker wizard who took the internet by storm a few years ago. Lodden has won over $250,000 in live tournaments, but it's on the Net he has been most successful.


For a long time, the real identity of Fast_Freddie was unknown, and people were speculating in poker forums and online poker games about who was behind this nickname. Then suddenly, a player called Mohammad Kowssarie was nominated for Best Swedish Online Poker Player at the Scandinavian Poker Awards. He was our man.

Now to the Classic Hand

Bad_ip raises from the small blind to $1,400 and Fast_Freddie raises it up to $4,400. Bad_ip calls and the flop comes: 7c Ac Ah.

Fast_Freddie bets out $8,000 into the $8,800 pot and bad_ip mini-raises to $16,000. Fast_Freddie raises back again, up to $40,000, and bad_ip calls. The turn comes 5s

Fast_Freddie bets out $74,000 and bad_ip goes all in with his last $180,000. Fast_Freddie calls and the river comes Kc.

Not as Good as One Might Think…

Fast_Freddie then shows the winning hand, AsJs and trip aces, and bad_ip mucks his hand.

As the hand played out, this was a weaker holding than one might expect. Full house, maybe 777AA would have made more sense. But Fast_Freddie committed all his chips with "only" AJ. And don't forget, bad_ip had an inferior holding … AT perhaps … or even worse?

Anyway, the biggest pot ever was pushed across the virtual felted table - in total, $465,451!



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