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Kathy Liebert is a Poker Junkie

4 July 2008, By:
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Do you consider yourself to be a poker junkie?

Pretty much. This series I've worked pretty hard. I've played 14 or 15 tournaments, lot of times two or three days. So it's been pretty much all poker all the time, but I haven't played as much online this month as I would otherwise.

What is the longest session of poker you have ever played?

Wow. In these tournaments you start at noon and often go to three, four, five in the morning. I think the longest I've played started noon and ended three or four in the morning and I finished like eighth place. When I play online I usually only play for three or four hours, unless I'm in a big tournament.

What's the most you have won in a single session?

Well, I won the first Party Poker Million for a million dollars, but that was over a course of three or four days. In terms of cash games, I don't even know, because I usually play the tournaments.

What's the most you have lost in a single session?

I was playing $150/$300 Omaha 8 or better at the Commerce, and I think I did lose about $20,000 one night, I think that's the most I've ever lost in a single session. I had won $20,000 in that game the first three times that I played it, but then I basically lost all my profit back in one day. That wasn't fun.

When was the latest time you had a totally poker-free week?

Oh, wow..errr. I'm not sure about that one, errr, I don't know, haha. It's been a while, because you normally play on the Internet when you don't play in a regular tournament.

Have you ever chosen poker over a partner?

Yeah, I guess I have, haha. I pretty much live poker. I play a lot of poker - I don't spend a lot of time dating, haha.

How many of your friends are poker players?

A pretty high percentage. I would say 90% play at least some. I would like it to be lower, but when all I think about is poker it's hard to have a lot of friends out of it.

Do you use a lot of poker lingo in your every-day conversations?

Some. Like "I've got the nuts" or something like that. Not all the time, but probably more often than errr...probably most of the time.

What's the most expensive thing you have destroyed after a bad beat?

My car, haha. I got knocked out of the World Series, I think I hit something, and kind of messed up.

Do you make side bets at the table?

Not usually. I made a couple of bets this year, not to big, about who is going to win the nomination and about the number of entries in the World Series. I thought it's going to be less than last year, Mel Judah bet me it's going to be more. It looks like he is going to win, he was pretty confident in that bet.

Who do you think are the biggest poker junkies in the world today?

I've heard Brad Booth is pretty much the biggest poker junkie around. I think Mike Matusow is up there as well.

Some questions on WSOP

What about the WSOP so far for you?

I've done pretty well, I've had five cashes, most of them not super big; one final table for third place for $306,000 in the first event, so that was a nice win.

Your thoughts on the Main Event?

I hope to win it. I play tomorrow (Friday), and I'm certainly hoping to go all the way, I'm going to try my best.

You don't mind playing on the 4 of July?

Well. I guess I'd rather play a different day, because there will be a party and everything tomorrow, but I want to have a day off if I make it do day 3, and I didn't want to play day 1 because I needed little break since I've been playing so many tournaments. If I get deep, I want to have my best chance of winning, and I think having that day off can be helpful.

Any other players with good chances to win the Main Event?

There are a lot of great players. Obviously Daniel Negreanu is playing great. There are just so many great players, it's hard to pinpoint exactly, I mean Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel, John Juanda - they all have excellent chances of getting there.

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