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Just How Far Will the WSOP Expand?

4 May 2012, By:
The World Series of Poker earlier this week announced the creation of the WSOP Asia-Pacific, the first WSOP series in Australia.
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Phil Hellmuth, future WSOP-Antarctica champ.

The World Series of Poker earlier this week announced the creation of the WSOP Asia-Pacific, the first WSOP series in Australia.

Poker Junkie blogger Compncards thought it was a good idea that they expanded the WSOP, but some think this just cheapens the value of a WSOP bracelet even further.

With that said, we've heard "rumors" that the WSOP is planning to expand even further.

Here are some of the ideas for expansion we've heard about:

1) WSOP Online

PokerStars already has its World Championship of Online Poker, but the WSOP never wants to be left behind.

As a result, it has decided to run its own World Series of Poker - Online. The WSOP-O will be a 156-tournament event over the span of 30 days with an amazing five+ tournaments a day.

Buy-ins will start at $126 and go all the way to $1.8 million for the Uber-Hyper-Mega Hold'em High Roller Championship.

The field for the $10,000 buy-in WSOP-O Main Event is expected to be somewhere around 59,000 people. The winner of the event is expected to win enough to pay off Full Tilt players in the US.

Event winners will be emailed their WSOP bracelet to be used as their 2+2 avatar.

2) WSOP Antarctica

"Don't get coolered" will be the tongue-in-cheek slogan when the first WSOP Antarctica kicks off in January 2015.

Pros will have to choose between the fun and sun of the PCA at the Atlantis Casino or a self-contained bubble in the frozen Antartic.

Amazingly, more pros than you think will show up just so they can get another bracelet on their resume.

Phil Hellmuth will take down the first ever WSOP-A Main Event and will be quoted as saying "They said that hell would freeze over before I won a Main Event again, but look at me now."

3) WSOP Space

"A truly out-of-this-world event" will be the tagline given by WSOP officials for the 2016 WSOP Space. For the first time ever, pros and anyone who can afford it will compete for a WSOP bracelet in the outer limits.

The WSOP-S will be the most expensive bracelet event ever as players must put up $20 million each just to get into orbit. Each player that participates will be taken to the International Space Station where they will play in a series of five events.

Only eight players come up with the required $20 million fee to get to the ISS and the only poker pro to make the trip is Phil Ivey.

Ivey then proceeds to win four out of the five events, including the Main Event.

For the rest of his career, he will be known as "Starship Ivey."

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