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Joe Cada Interview.James

23 February 2010, By:

Compncards:  Joe, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with the Poker Junkie faithful.

Joe Cada:  Not a problem at all. Fire away.

Compncards:  Anyone that saw the ESPN broadcast has an idea of how   Tell us about how you were feeling going into the final table and ultimately heads-up for the title?  Did you feel that this was your year going into the final table or were you even thinking that far ahead?

Joe Cada:  Going into the final table, I really liked my chances. The most inexperienced player had the most chips, and other than going in with the chip lead myself, that's the situation you want.  Phil Ivey was, of course, a huge threat, but he had so little chips it pretty much neutralized him. When it got to heads up, I was pretty cold and numb about the whole thing. I was very happy to be there, but I had an eerie calmness to me. When I had those two spots where I got super lucky, I started to think this was maybe my big chance.

Compncards:  How insane has your life been since winning the Main Event?  Are the demands on your time about what you expected since wining?

Joe Cada:  It comes in waves. Luckily the life of a poker player isn't a 9-5, so when things are quiet, I can pretty much do what I want like see my friends and family. But then when I'm busy - I can do days and weeks without ever seeing my own bed. Some of that is to be expected with tournament travels, but a lot of it is additional for media appearances and charity events and things of that nature. I accept the responsibilities of main event champion with open arms, but it doesn't mean that I'm not completely exhausted sometimes! I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything.

Compncards:  What does it mean to you to be the youngest WSOP Main Event winner in history?  Does it hold a special significance or do you feel that a 21 year old winning the Main Event was going to be an eventuality?

Joe Cada:  Being the youngest is a neat little title, but I'm way more interested in the title itself. There is no doubt that someone my age would have won it eventually, and honestly, it's not completely outrageous to think there may be another winner who is even younger than I am. There are so many great players in the game, and there are tons we haven't even heard of yet, because they're too young.

Compncards:  At 21, you have already accomplished what most pros will never achieve in their lifetime.  What are you goals for poker and the WSOP now that you have already won the big one?

Joe Cada:  I would love to go on a bracelet-winning spree. More bracelets! I look up to guys like Gavin Griffin who have won tournaments on several major circuits. Now that PokerStars has the NAPT, I wouldn't mind going around and collecting a few titles at each of the majors.

Compncards:  Clearly you log a ton of hours at the tables, but what do you do outside of poker for fun?

Joe Cada:  Well, even though I'm 22, I'm still your average 22 year-old. So, my life isn't the "baller" lifestyle of some young pros. I still live in Michigan, and most of my fun comes from playing soccer, attending live sporting events, and watching TV and playing video games with my buddies.

Compncards:  Besides Holdem, what do you consider you best game?

Joe Cada:  My second best game is pot-limit Omaha. But it is a very distant second. Omaha seems to be the game of choice when the big boys want to trade giant pots with each other, so my game is in some serious need of improvement before I can go for any of that. But I do like to splash around a bit lower than that.

Compncards:  Any chance we will see you compete in the $50,000 Players Championship at the 2010 WSOP?

Joe Cada:  Of course the size of the buy-in is pretty enticing, but there are too many games in there I don't know well enough yet to put up that kind of money. It's a long way to the World Series though, so maybe I could take some lessons.

Compncards:  Looking ahead to the WSOP 2010,  what are your goals for the WSOP?

Joe Cada:  I'm one of those people who cares way more about the bracelet than the money. I guess that's easy to say since I've won a bit of money, but I had won a bit of money before. I will play as many tournaments as I can at this year's WSOP. It's like poker summer camp, and I'll be there every day to participate one way or the other. I would love to come home with another bracelet, even in a smaller event. Ha. I guess it would HAVE to be a smaller event.

Compncards:  Joe, thank you for taking time to speak to the Poker Junkie faithful and good luck to you at the upcoming WSOP.


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