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Jesus: Phil Ivey is a Poker Junkie

10 July 2008, By:
Chris, what's the longest session you have ever played?

I really don't play many long sessions. At the World Series I've play until seven in the morning a couple of time, because you're forced to in these tournaments. But I've never had a marathon live session where I played for many nights. I've never played an online session that long either.

What's the most you have won in a single session?

Cash games? Oh wow. $100,000. I really don't play cash games.

What's the most you have lost in a single session?

Not very much. I've been very fortunate in cash games.

When was the last time you had a totally poker-free week?

All the time. The week before the World Series is a poker free week. That's really nice.

Have you ever chosen poker over a partner?

Not really. I would, but I haven't had to.

What percentage of your friends are poker players?

Too many, ha ha. Most of them. They tend to talk about poker all the time and I like people who don't talk about poker all the time.

Do you use a lot of poker terms in you everyday conversation?

Not as much as most people. I think it's ok, but you have to be doing it with poker players.

What's the most expensive thing you have destroyed after a bad beat?

I don't think I've ever destroyed anything after a bad beat. I just leave.

Do you make side bets at the table?

I never do side bets. I have, but I really don't like doing side bets at the table. If I'm doing a "last longer" bet, that's going to effect the way I play in the tournament, so I don't like "last longer" bets or other bets like that. I don't make crazy side bets either.

Do you have nightmares about poker?

I'm sure I've had poker dreams in the past, but not a lot.

Who do you think is the biggest poker junkie?

A bunch of names come to mind. I guess Phil Ivey is up there. Erick Lindgren is up there, I'm sure Doyle Brunson is up there.

Thanks Chris. Would you mind holding the "I am a Poker Junkie" sign when we take your picture?

I'm not a poker junkie. You hold the sign!


As always, it's hard to argue with Jesus. We just have to accept that he is not a poker junkie. And considering the fact that Phil Ivey lost $4 million in WSOP side bets, he is probably right about that too.

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