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Jamie Gold's Six Million Dollar Promise - Bodog Player Won $12 Million

10 April 2008, By:

This mind-blowing sum of money was won by a Californian with the suitable name of Jamie Gold. Talk about a golden moment.

The price of not expecting the unexpected

But soon the question was out: how much would Gold get to keep? Allegedly he had promised a companion half of his potential winnings in return for a small service.

Obviously, he hadn't expected to win millions of dollars!

Six million dollars withheld by the court

Waiting for the issue to be resolved, the organizers locked in six million dollars. A legal process was instigated. Amazed poker players around the globe quarreled about the rights and wrongs of the issue.

Yes, Gold had made an agreement, which he never denied. Certainly, agreements should be kept. But shouldn't there be some kind of clause for cases of really bad judgment?

Promises and ethics

Is it reasonable to demand six million dollars for a friendly turn which would most likely have been unpaid? Even if there's an agreement? The companion, Bruce Crispin Leyser, helped Gold round up a few players to wear Bodog garment in the WSOP, no huge infrastructure project or so.

This is in all probability how Gold reasoned, more or less. He probably didn't object to following up on his promise, but he wanted the remuneration to be within some sensible bounds. In the end, the issue was settled out of court.

Jamie Gold has appeared repeatedly in various poker contexts since his big win, not least in the televised high stakes poker emissions where he's played some rather entertaining hands, for example against Sammy Farha.


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