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2006 WSOP Champion Jamie Gold: I'm a Gambler at Heart

6 July 2008, By:
jamie gold 5843

What's the longest session you've played?

Good question. I've had a couple 18 hour sessions, maybe ten times, but I don't believe I've played 24 hours. It's been a group of friends that I've been playing with. Everybody was having a good time, I didn't have to go to work the next day, I was drinking carrot juice and vitamin drinks, they were keeping me up. Those were some of the best times I've ever had.

What's the most you've won in one session?

I don't think I ever broke a million dollar in one session. I think it's $860,000. That was a regular friendly game in Beverly Hills. I was just killing the game, winning every single hand, it was amazing. We played no limit holdem with blinds of $200/400, but everybody kept straddling to 800 and sometimes to 1600, so you start out with maybe $3000 in the pot before anyone even comes in. Then the raise is sometimes 10,000, then a guy might reraise $50,000, and now you're all in for $300,000.

And the most you've lost?

It may have been on High Stakes Poker. I won $450,000 the first day, and then I lost $450,000 the next day. So I think $450,000 is the most I've ever lost in one shot. But I felt like I was on a freeroll since I had won it all the day before.

When did you have a poker-free week?

Oh, it happens all the time. I actually don't play as much as most of my friends. Most professional players play every day. I go through streaks where I'll play six days in a row, but then I won't play for three weeks. I've gone two months without playing.

I work a lot, I still work in the TV and film business, so I'm busy all the time and I don't always have time to play. And I try to do as many charity events as I can.

The physical addiction to poker, I only have that when I'm in it. When I'm playing I have to play all the time. But when I'm away from it, I mean I miss it, but it's okay. I don't mind being away.

How may of your friends are poker players?

Most are not. My best friend has traveled with me for 20 years. He haven't played one hand, he hates it. Most of my closest friends at home don't play. I have a lot of friends who play, but most of them I met when playing poker.

Do you use poker language in everyday situations?

A little bit. If I think someone isn't telling me the truth I'll say they're bluffing. Or that somebody's on tilt if they're kind of off. I think I probably use it more than I realize.

Do you have nightmares about poker?

No, never nightmares! I've actually never had a dream of losing. But I don't have a lot of dreams about winning either. I think, what I have dreams about is strategy. You know, I try to figure out hands. Most of the time it's when I'm half asleep.

What's the most expensive you've destroyed after a bad beat

I slammed my computer one time, when I was pissed. I was playing online and I slammed it really hard. I think I broke it.

I don't do that anymore. What I'll do very often is, I'll slam he table.

Do you make crazy side bets?

Not much, no. I like to gamble and I'm a gambler at heart, but I don't do it very much. It's weird, when people ask me to make a bet I'm always very excited about it, but I never think of it myself. I rarely come up with bets I want to make myself.

Who's the biggest poker junkie in the world?

Hm, let me see, there's so many. Every time I go to the casino the same guys are there and they never sleep. My friend David, he's called Biffer online, every time I've ever gone into a poker room he's in there. He doesn't seem to ever sleep, and he plays like three or four days straight, I don't know how he does that. I would say he's the biggest poker junkie in the world.

How have you been doing in the WSOP?

I've played more than last year. I think I played somewhere between five and ten events, maybe eight, I actually didn't get an exact count. Not one of them went very well. I played the Main Event yesterday, I'm out, and I have myself to blame.

I got counterfeited, went down to 6,000, and brought it back up to 25,000. I should have just locked it up, played smart, and I didn't. I started getting aggressive, played like I was in a cash game. It was my own fault.

In some tournaments I felt that I played very well and things just didn't go my way. In the Main Event I played horribly, and when you play horribly things do not go your way. Terrible!

Any player that is particularly hot in the Main Event?

Oh yeah, Erick Lindgren, he's on fire. This seems to be his world series, so I wouldn't be surprised if he went all the way. He's running really well, he's playing great, everything seems to be going his way. He won his first bracelet this year, and he's a really good guy. I'd have to pick him.

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