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Ivey Wins, Canseco Loses (Finger)

17 November 2014, By:
Phil Ivey is doing something he hasn't in a long time while Jose Canseco has literally lost his finger at a poker table.
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Phil Ivey is doing something he hasn't in a long time while Jose Canseco has literally lost his finger at a poker table.

Also last week Ultimate Poker closed its site in Nevada.

Phil Ivey Posts Winning Month Online

Phil Ivey is in the process of doing something he hasn't in a long time -- post a winning month online. Not only is he winning but he is leading all high-stakes earners in November.

Ivey, playing under his Polarizing account, is currently up $437,164 through Saturday. He's been putting in volume this month, playing 66 sessions and over 13,000 hands.

Not surprisingly the majority of his earnings have been thanks to 8-Game. He is up over $635,000 this month in 8-Game. Triple Draw hasn't been as favorable, costing him $419,000. He's also won about $227,000 this month in Omaha Hi-Lo.

On the flip side punting-peddler is leading this months high-stakes losers. Through Saturday he has played only two sessions but got absolutely crushed. He's currently down $282,096 over 1,277 hands. That an average loss of $220 per hand.

Despite Ivey's winning month he is still the second biggest loser of 2014. He's currently down $2.07 million. Gus Hansen leads in online futility this year with $5.5 million in losses.

Jose Canseco Loses Finger in Poker Game

A bad night for most poker players would be losing a few buy-ins or in a worst-case scenario your whole bankroll.

Former Major League slugger Jose Canseco went a step further and lost his finger at the poker table.

On Saturday Canseco tweeted that his finger fell off during a poker tournament. While this would be enough to force someone into the hospital for extensive tests, Canseco knew this might happen.

Canseco accidentally shot his left middle finger off last month while cleaning a handgun and had the digit surgically reattached. Before the surgery, surgeons warned that he may still lose the use of his finger.

Canseco admitted that his finger had been loose with no bone connecting it and that it smelled bad. This led to Saturday's unexpected addition to the pot.

Ultimate Poker Closes in Nevada

Nevada online poker players were shocked on Friday to learn that Ultimate Poker, the first legal online poker site in the United States, was going out of business.

Citing lack of profitability the company told its employees on Friday morning that the shutdown was imminent. Later, the site revealed that deposits were no longer being accepted and the site would go offline on Monday.

Ultimate Poker launched in April 2014 and thrived in the early months thanks to having a monopoly on the state. Later in the year, opened and immediately took over as the top site in the state.

Ultimate Poker tried to expand into New Jersey, forming Ultimate Gaming, but the site was forced out of New Jersey in September thanks to the closure of its casino partner. The site had claimed it was going to focus on Nevada and wait for California to legalize online poker.

With Ultimate Poker's closure and Real Gaming remain as Nevada's only online poker providers.

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