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Ivey Still Sued, Solomon's $40m

19 March 2015, By:
The lawsuit by the Borgata against Phil Ivey has been given the green light to proceed.
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The lawsuit by the Borgata against Phil Ivey has been given the green light to proceed.

Also, did Rick Solomon really win $40 million against Andy Beal? Finally, Alex Dreyfus' attempt to sportify poker begins this weekend.

Borgata Lawsuit Against Phil Ivey to Continue

Phil Ivey's attempt to have a lawsuit filed by the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City dismissed has failed. A federal judge has ruled that the case can proceed through the discovery phase and possibly on to a jury trial.

Ivey won $9.6 million in Baccarat after employing edge sorting to give him an edge. He was able to do so due to visible flaws on the cards.

Ivey's lawyers argued in vain that the casino was in control of the cards and should have seen what Ivey did in over 100 hours of play.

U.S. District Judge Noel Hillman determined that the Borgata has legitimate claims against Ivey, including that of fraud. A claim against Gemaco, the card manufacturer that printed the defective cards, can also proceed.

Rick Solomon Allegedly Won $40, from Andy Beal in 2014

Did Rick Solomon win $40 million playing poker against Andy Beal last year? That's the claim by estranged wife Pamela Anderson.

The pair is currently going thought a nasty divorce and Pam is trying to get half of those alleged winnings. She is also challenging his resident status, claiming that he is pretending to live in Nevada to escape the 13% tax rate he would have to pay on winnings.

According to Pam, Rick purchased a property in Las Vegas in 2014 after taking Andy Beal for $40 million. He allegedly is paying someone to make purchases in his name in Nevada to make it look like he is still living there.

Pam claims that Rick is actually living in Malibu, California. If that is the case, he would owe the state approximately $5.2 million in taxes in addition to potentially losing half of what's left to Pam.

Global Poker Masters Begins on Saturday

The Global Poker Index's attempt to "sportify" poker will begin this weekend with the first every Global Poker Masters in Malta. The event is being heralded as "Poker's World Cup" and brings together teams from eight nations to compete for love of poker and country.

Team members are primarily chosen by their ranking on the GPI 300 with one member joining the team as a wildcard. The three-day event will feature variants of NL Hold'em and a 30-second shot clock will be used for each hand.

The eight nations represented are the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine and the UK. Team USA is comprised of Bryn Kenney, Olivier Busquet, Dan Smith, Vanessa Selbst and Isaac Haxton.

Play will begin on Saturday with teams competing in sit and gos. The top team will get a bye for the next round and the eighth-place team will be eliminated.

Teams finishing 2-7 will compete on Saturday in Heads-up competition. The team finishing last will be eliminated.

Semifinals begin on Sunday with a pair of 6-Max sit-and-gos with the winners of both tables facing each other heads-up in a best-of-five final.

This event is being produced and billed as a sporting event rather than a poker tournament. Players do not have to pay an entry fee to participate.

The event will be live streamed entirely on over the weekend. GPI founder Alex Dreyfus is naturally hoping for a raving success as he looks to take poker to the next level.

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