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Ivey League Not for Sale

10 February 2015, By:
The rumors of the sale of Ivey League are greatly exaggerated according to its CEO.
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The rumors of the sale of Ivey League are greatly exaggerated according to its CEO Dan Fleyshman.

Also, Dan Bilzerian was facing six years in prison for carrying explosives but will avoid jail time after pleading to a lesser charge and agreeing to appear in a PSA.

Ivey League Not For Sale According to CEO Fleyshman

Ivey League is not for sale, at least that's the story per CEO Dan Fleyshman.

Recently a listing appeared on that said the Ivey League was looking for seed capital to tune of $20 million.

Poker news outlets reached out to Fleyshman and he refuted the sale saying that the company is looking to expand into several new business ventures. According to the listing, the company believes it could bring up to $50 million a year in revenue.

Fleyshman also revealed that Ivey has spent several million of his own money to build up the site, a venture that surely isn't anywhere near profitable. At present, Ivey League is the only arm of Ivey Poker still operational.

The company launched an online poker app in 2013 but it failed to bring in substantial traffic. It went offline in late 2014.

Bilzerian Cuts Plea Deal over Explosives Charges

Dan Bilzerian fought the law and the law won. The egotistical playboy and high-stakes poker player was arrested back in December on charges of possessing bombmaking material, specifically an ammonium nitrate mix that's used to make TNT.

When charged, Bilzerian was facing the prospect of up to six years in jail, although most believed he would see significantly less time.

Bilzerian will not spend a single day in jail after he and friend Jeremy Guymon arranged a plea deal where they pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of failing to extinguish an open fire.

As part of the deal, Bilzerian will be required to film a PSA for the Bureau of Land Management. The incident in question reportedly occurred on land owned by the BLM.

In addition, Bilzerian and his buddy must pay a combined $20,000 in cleanup costs. That is equal to a small bet in one of Bilzerian's high-stakes poker games.

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