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Isildur1, Kanu7 in Race to Bottom for Online Poker Losses in 2016

11 April 2016, By: compncards
We're a quarter-way through 2016 and it's becoming evident who will compete for the online high-stakes cash game titles - both top and bottom - this year.

Currently it's a three-man race at the top with Spain’s Andres "Educa-p0ker" Artinano leading the pack but Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky and the anonymous “cobus83” both in striking range.

Meanwhile, Alex Milar and Isildur1 are the two players making a play to become the biggest loser in 2016.

Educa-p0ker up over $600,000 Through Early April

High-stakes online action has really picked up over the last couple of months and we're back to seeing the type of action we’ve come to expect. Many of the names that we're seeing atop this year’s leaderboard, though, are either new or those that we don’t associate with big runs in poker.

The current top dog online is Spain’s Andres Artinano, known online simply as ‘Educa-p0ker.’ Artinano has amassed $629,611 and leads all players by at least $150,000. He’s certainly put in the volume this year with 113 sessions consisting of 22,713 hands.

PL Omaha specialist ‘Cobus83’ is the next biggest winner with $451,154. Educa-p0ker and Cobus83 are both experiencing the largest runs of their poker careers.

Educa-p0ker’s $629k this year is over half of his lifetime $1.05 million in high-stakes earnings. Cobus83’s $451,154 is also slightly more than half of his career $825k in high-stakes earnings.

The man presently in third is no rookie to high-stakes games, either. Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky is presently up $414,229 through the first week in April and is on a march to $5 million in career earnings. Sulsky is up $4.45 million on his career including this year’s earnings.

The next closest winner in the high-stakes arena is ChaoRen160 with just over $241k. Isaac Haxton is one of only three other players above $100k in earnings on the year.

Below is a complete list of players over $100k in earnings so far in 2016:

  • Andres ‘Educa-p0ker’ Artinano - $629,611
  • Cobus83 - $451,154
  • Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky - $414,229
  • ChaoRen160 - $241,630
  • Isaac ‘philivey2694’ Haxton - $168,433
  • calvin7v - $140,099
  • Fake Love888 - $115,386

Alex Millar and Viktor Blom Biggest Losers Thus Far

Two of online poker’s biggest stars just happen to be the biggest losers so far in 2016. Alex ‘Kanu7’ Millar and Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom have combined to drop nearly $1 million online since the start of 2016.

Millar hasn't seen a profit in 2016 since January 10. Since then he has dropped over $615,320. Millar was at his lowest point at the end of January after dropping over $728k.

He managed to knock $150k off that loss in February but has been struggling since. Millar’s losses have come exclusively in NL Hold’em. He is currently losing approximately $31 a hand online.

Isildur1’s win-loss graph looks like someone having a heart attack. After starting the year off down over 100k, he ran it up to a profit of over $160,000.

He then went on a pair of flip-flop runs that saw him down as much as $248k and up as much $266,000. However, since early March he has done nothing but lose and is presently down $373,621.

Blom hasn’t played much since late March after taking a $450k loss in 8-Game on the month. Triple Draw and 8-Game have been the bane of Isidur1’s existence in 2016. They account for almost $700k in losses.

Blom would be leading the world in losses this year if not for PLO. Hopefully he will focus less on 8-Game and more on PLO when he returns.

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