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Isildur1 and Ivey Win Big

7 May 2015, By:
Isildur1 and Phil Ivey have been on heaters in the early part of March, combining to win almost $1.4 million online.
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Isildur1 and Phil Ivey have been on heaters in the early part of March, combining to win almost $1.4 million online.

Meanwhile, the poker playing AI Claudico is having difficulty against human players and is on course to lose three of four heads-up matches.

Isildur1 Up $1 Million in May; Ivey Up $380k

Heading into the 2015 World Series of Poker two of the game's biggest stars are beefing up their bankrolls in high-stakes action.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has managed to win $1 million through the first four days of May and holds both the #1 and #2 spots on HighStakesDB.

On PokerStars Isildur1 is up $610,832 over the course of 14 sessions. He is up $416,556 on Full Tilt Poker over the course of 30 sessions.

Blom has been threatening to go on a big run for awhile and it looks like that hot streak may be upon us.

In the last few days Isildur1 has erased 2/3 of his deficit for the year on Full Tilt. Once down almost $700,000 in 2015 he is now down just $280,000.

Things have been going much better over on PokerStars. Down around $50,000 on the year at the end of April, he has rocketed to a profit of $1.2 million.

Presently Blom is up $929,198 for 2015. Meanwhile, Phil Ivey has been posting a solid month, up over $384,000.

Ivey started the month with $245,895 in earnings on PokerStars playing as RaiseOnce. His hot streak has resulted in his turning a profit on the site for 2015.

Ivey is currently up $61,542 for 2015 on PokerStars.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Full Tilt. Despite winning over $136,000 through May 4, Ivey is still down a staggering $1.5 million in 2015 on Full Tilt.

Claudico Losing Big to Pros

The computer AI developed to take on the world's elite in heads-up No-Limit Texas Hold'em will likely have to go back to the drawing board.

Through 67,700 of 80,000 scheduled hands "Claudico," as it's called, is down $680,450 to four of the top heads-up Hold'em players in the world.

Three of the four pros are handily leading Claudico with Bjorn Li holding the biggest edge. He is currently up $466,475.

Doug Polk had built a lead of over $300,000 against Claudico but has lost some of that back. He is still ahead $184,542.

Dong Kim had trouble building momentum early on but has played well in recent days to build a $129,273 lead.

Jason Les had had the most trouble against Claudico. He is the only player currently behind to the AI.

At one point, he was down over $228,000 but has cut that deficit by over half. He is down $106,347 but still has enough time to mount a comeback.

The money in this contest is virtual money with the pros each receiving an appearance fee of around $25,000.

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