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Is Johnny Chan a PokerJunkie?

5 July 2008, By:

Johnny, we're here to find out how much of poker junkie you really are.

Poker junkie? I don't know about poker junkie, how about poker player? Once you play the game you never quit, just like me. I learned this game some 30 years ago, and I never stopped, so I love poker. But I'm not a junkie, I'm a pro.

Well, we still have some questions for you...

What's the longest session of poker you have ever played?

Five days straight. The game was so good I didn't want to quit, because I was winning a lot of money.

What's the most you have won in a single session?

About 30 years ago it was $40, now it's at least $200,000.

What's the most you have lost in a single session?

About the same, more or less.

When was the last time you had a totally poker-free week?

You know, when I travel around the world...a week? How about months?

Have you ever chosen poker over a partner? Maybe skipped a date to play in a good game?

I would never miss a date because of a poker game. Poker is going to be around for a thousand years, so there is always a poker game.

How many of your friends are poker players?

I would say 100,000, maybe more.

But of your closest friends, your real friends?

10,000. You know, I've got friends everywhere - you're my friend.

Thank you. So, most of your friends are poker players?

Most of them are poker players, but I've got a lot of business partners and friends too - lawyers, senators, franchise owners, stock brokers, you know.

Have you ever destroyed anything expensive after a bad beat?

No, no, nooo. Hahaha.

Are you into side betting at the table?

Always, I love side bets. You bet on the flop, red or black, for $10,000. You know, that's gambling.

Why do you do it?

Excitement. Challenges.

Do you have nightmares about poker?

No, I don't have any nightmares about poker. But when I won the World Series, I would dream that I was still playing.

Well, there you have it, folks - Johnny claims that he is not a poker junkie. We can respect that, although many of the signs are there...

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