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Improving Your Live Game - Three Easy Steps

7 April 2009, By:
Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. Especially not your live poker game. Give it a lift with our three easy steps.
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For poker players who start out playing online, the transition to a live table can be difficult.

Beyond the pace of the game, there are many other factors that you have to contend with such as dealers, increased rake, and actually facing your opponents face to face.

Here are three easy steps to help improve your live poker game.

Psychology of poker

Study up on psychology. Live poker is primarily a people game. You must be able to understand people in order to be a successful poker player.

Live poker requires a different skill set (WSOP 2008)

Being able to determine how a person's personality type will affect their play at the table is a skill that will make you money.

There are many books available on poker psychology, but you would be wise to read a book or two on general psychology to gain a deeper understanding of people.

Get a mentor

If you want to improve your live game, you need to make friends that you can work on your game with.

You may even want to take on a mentor. Every person who plays live poker with any type of success has at some point either picked up a poker mentor or a group of friends that have helped them improve their game.

Howard Lederer did so with the players at the Mayfair Club. The other players in his circle would discuss their hands at the end of their sessions and would work on ways to improve their play.

As a result, everyone improved. By using the same approach, you can improve your game dramatically.

Eat, sleep and live right

Taking care of yourself is one of the big keys to success in a live poker game. This includes a good diet, exercise, and proper rest.

Unlike online play, you have many more decisions to make over the course of a poker session and live poker is much more mentally draining than the online game.

A good diet and exercise will give you the physical strength to play long sessions while adequate rest will keep you mentally focused at the table.

Adequate rest means eight hours of sleep for most players.

Live poker is a different beast from the virtual felt. There are additional skill sets that players must develop if they hope to become a success in the live world.

Most online players already have the basic tools and experience needed.

You probably just need that extra bit of tweaking that will put you over the top.

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