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How to Turn 'Scare Cards' into a Weapon in Texas Holdem

11 May 2016, By: compncards
Beginners often overlook the fact that the board in Texas Hold'em can be used as a weapon against their opponents.

The most common way to turn the board into a weapon is to learn how to properly play scare cards.

Today we will look at what scare cards are and how you can use them against your opponents.

What Are Scare Cards?

Scare cards are exactly as they sound -- cards that can 'scare' other players. Your opponent will think that you may have just hit a better hand when such a card falls.

For example, if there are three diamonds on the flop and a fourth hits on the turn or river, that would be a scare card. You only have to have one diamond in your hand to have a flush.

The same is true if the fourth card of a straight draw hits a board, such as a nine hits the turn of a 6-7-8 board.

Scare cards don't have to complete a draw. For example, an ace or a king hitting the board after someone raises pre-flop can be a scare card.

Other atypical scare card cases could include a face card pairing the board, such as a king hitting the flop or turn. Someone holding pocket aces in this spot might have gotten outdrawn.

Using Scare Cards Against Your Opponents

Simply, scare cards in Texas Hold'em provide opportunities for you to bluff. When that fourth heart hits the board and your opponent checks, this is a perfect time to represent a flush.

The same applies when a fourth straight card hits or a queen or king pairs the board.

The key to playing scare cards is being able to put your opponent on the correct range of hands. If you're certain they raised pre-flop or bet the flop with a hand such as pocket kings, you might be able to bet and steal the pot.

Granted, you also have to be certain that your opponent is capable of making a fold to a scare card situation. If you have the image of a maniac, then your opponent isn't going to believe you.

If you're one that plays fairly tight, then they may give you credit for having that fifth heart or an ace in your hand when the ace spikes the turn.

Running a bluff when a scare card falls is just another tool you can add to your arsenal to pick up more pots. Just remember that you need to have a good read on your opponent in order for this play to work.

There's nothing worse than trying to play a scare card only to find yourself betting into the immortal nuts.

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