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Hellmuth's Wife Passes on Swap

16 October 2014, By:
Phil Hellmuth was offered the chance to star on reality TV but his wife had other ideas.
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Phil Hellmuth was offered the chance to star on reality TV but his wife had other ideas.

Meanwhile, the Borgata is looking to use Ivey's defeat in England's High Court to its advantage.

Hellmuth's Wife Says No To Wife Swap

Phil Hellmuth can seldom turn down a chance for self promotion, but it appears his wife has no such problem.

On Wednesday, Hellmuth revealed that he and his wife had been offered the chance to appear on the ABC reality show Wife Swap. While Hellmuth seemed willing, his wife did not.

Hellmuth tweeted the following:

Have an offer to be on ABC television show "Wife Swap," but wife won't do it! Though I'm SURE she would look amazing! #WifeIsAwesome - phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) October 15, 2014

The 13-time WSOP bracelet winner can currently be seen on Carl Jr's and Hardees commercials, but it appears that reality TV will be out of his reach. At least for now.

Borgata Lawyers Seeks Comity in Phil Ivey Case

When Phil Ivey lost his case last week against Crockfords casino in London most figured that the Borgata would try and piggy-back that decision.

Earlier this week, Borgata lawyers filed paperwork explaining the Crockfords case and asked that the judge in their case exercise comity.

Lawyers argued that the details in both the Borgata case and the Crockfords case are the same and that a High Court judge ruled that Ivey committed cheating under common law and not gambling regulations.

In asking for comity, the lawyers want the judge in the Borgata trial to effectively apply the High Court ruling to the case. He doesn't necessarily have to recognize the whole case as Borgata lawyers are seeking the judge to at least block Ivey's ability to litigate that edge sorting is a legal playing strategy.

The Borgata is seeking to have over $9 million in earnings returned to the casino following several winning sessions by Ivey in mini-baccarat. Ivey used the same edge sorting techniques as he did in the Crockfords case and the casino has argued that Ivey misled them during those sessions.

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