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Heinz Leads, Lamb Looms in Final Three

7 November 2011, By:
The moment the poker world lives for every year finally arrived on Sunday as the 2011 WSOP Main Event November Nine final table kicked off at the Rio in Las Vegas.
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Photo: Jon Boncek/2011 WSOP

The moment the poker world lives for every year finally arrived on Sunday as the 2011 WSOP Main Event November Nine final table kicked off at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Czech player Martin Staszko started the final table as the chip leader, but by the time the final three was reached German Pius Heinz had taken the lead and will hold the advantage when he meets Staszko and Ben Lamb for the bracelet on Tuesday.

Heinz Soars as Short Stacks Bust

Pius Heinz was the big surprise early on at the final table.

Poker Junkie blogger compncards predicted that Heinz's aggression could either gain him a lot of chips or knock him out and indeed Heinz steadily chipped up and took the chip lead early on with 49 million.

The two short stacks to start the day were the first two players eliminated.

Brit Sam Holden was knocked out by Ben Lamb when he moved all-in with As-Js and Lamb called with Ah-Kc.

Two clubs on the flop gave Lamb a flush draw and a club on the turn sent Holden out in 9th.

Soon afterwards, Ukrainian Anton Makiievskyi fell victim to the suck-resuck trick from Pius Heinz.

Makiievskyi moved in with K-Q and Heinz called with nines. The flop fell K-J-J to give Makiievskyi the lead but the turn fell a nine to give Heinz a full house and the knockout.

Badih Bounahra had trouble getting anything going at the final table and eventually put his tournament life on the line with A-5 against the A-9 of Martin Staszko.

The board missed both and six remained.

Ben Lamb Hits Huge Suckout to Cripple O'Dea

Eoghan O'Dea steadily spiraled donward at this final table and was eventually fighting for his tournament life with around 17 million in chips.

Ben Lamb wound up falling to the short stack after taking a huge beat from Phil Collins and had just 14 million.

The two short stacks battled in a big hand that would leave O'Dea crippled.

Lamb shoved pre-flop with Qd-8d and was called by O'Dea who woke up with Ac-9d.

The flop fell Jd-Js-6d to give Lamb a flush. The turn 4c missed both but the river 8h gave Lamb the suckout double-up and left O'Dea crippled.

O'Dea had less than 3 million after the hand and went to war with Q-6 against pocket eights for Staszko.

O'Dea failed to catch his own suckout and fell in 6th place.

Phil Collins had slipped to 19 million and decided to three-bet shove with Ad-7d against Pius Heinz.

Normally this would be a good idea but Heinz woke up with pocket nines and called.

Collins caught a straight draw on the flop and a flush draw on the turn, but he missed all his outs on the river to fall in 5th place.

Matt Giannetti Falls Victim to Second Lamb Suckout to End Day

Pius Heinz continued to extend his chip lead throughout the final table and was nearing 100 million in chips.

Martin Staszko ramped up his aggression after the dinner break and wound up moving up to 2nd in chips after raking a huge 26 million chip pot against Heinz.

He forced Heinz out on the river after catching the nut straight.

Matt Giannetti was sitting third in chips with around 32 million when he got into a huge pot with short-stacked Ben Lamb.

After Giannetti raised to 2.6 million pre-flop Lamb shoved for 26.8 Million with Ah-7h. Giannetti made the call and showed pocket jacks.

A flop of Kh-9d-5h gave Lamb 12 outs to take the hand.

When the turn fell the 4h, Lamb celebrated with his cheering section and doubled up to 55 million, good for 2nd at the time.

Giannetti had just 6.7 million. He'd find a double-up to around 14.4 million after his Q-10 held against the Q-2 of Staszko but just a couple of hands later, Giannetti shoved with Ad-3s and Lamb snap-called with pocket kings.

It was over on the flop as Lamb flopped quad kings to send us to the final three of the November Nine.

Heinz, Lamb and Stazsko Back on Tuesday to Play for $8.7 Million

Pius Heinz moved over 100 million in chips in the last level of the day to finish with 107.8 million heading into play on Tuesday.

Ben Lamb has just over half that 55.4 million and Martin Staszko is the "short stack" but still has 42.7 million.

Play will resume on Tuesday at 5:30 PM Vegas time on Tuesday. The ESPN broadcast will begin at 6 P.M.

With blinds of 600k/1.2M and a 200k ante, there is still plenty of play left. Play will continue until a new World Champion is crowned.

Stay tuned to as we bring you blogs and recaps from the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

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