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HPT Screwed Over by Duke, Pollack

13 July 2012, By:
While the WSOP Main Event is clearly the biggest news story of the week, a couple of stories involving the Heartland Poker Tour and the FS+G bankruptcy have gone largely unnoticed.
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While the WSOP Main Event is clearly the biggest news story of the week, a couple of stories involving the Heartland Poker Tour and the FS+G bankruptcy have gone largely unnoticed.

Today, Poker Junkie blogger Compncards gives us his thought on colleagues screwed over by the bankruptcy, the HPT founders stepping down, and former Main Event runner-up Darvin Moon's assessment of Jeffrey Pollack.

FS&G Employees Screwed Over in Bankruptcy Proceedings

A few months ago, I was told by a couple of former contractors with the Epic Poker League that they were turning in their final invoices and that they would be submitted to the bankruptcy attorney for processing.

My knee-jerk reaction at the time that I kept to myself was "good luck seeing a dime of that money." However, I had hoped that my reaction was wrong.

Sadly, that became a reality earlier this week when those former contractors were told their contracts had no value to the company and were an unnecessary burden.

In short, "Thanks for playing and you're out the money you're owed."

There were several very hard working people that worked with the Epic Poker League including Michael Reed aka Merchdawg and Jennifer Newell. Frankly, they deserved better than this.

This latest development just goes to further drive a wedge of hatred between the poker community and the management of Federated Sports & Gaming.

Some say that Annie Duke and Jeffrey Pollack should fork over money owed to their contractors out of their own pocket since they received such hefty salaries.

I've supported the Epic Poker League concept in the past as well as Pollack and Duke in their vision for the league, but I frankly find myself finding no words for what ultimately became of the product and those that have been left without any compensation for their work.

Heartland Poker Tour Will Never Be the Same After Founders Step Down

The Heartland Poker Tour was sold last month to Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc in a bankruptcy auction for $4.2 million. This came on the heels of the FS+G bankruptcy that resulted in the company being sold for $300,000.

On Wednesday, both Todd Anderson and Greg Lang stepped down from their positions with the HPT.

The HPT was started back in 2005 as a way to give the smaller markets a venue to hold major poker events in the United States. It grew over the next several years to be the college basketball equivalent of a "mid-major" but was viewed on the same level as the WPT and WSOP by its players.

I never got to play a HPT event, nor have I ever watched it on television, but I have seen and felt its impact on the game and it seemed that the founders of a great league deserved more than a Twitter sendoff.

Thanks a lot FS+G. Great acquisition you made there.

Moon's Assessment of "Douchebag Pollack" the Reigning Sentiment

Darvin Moon is not a man of many words, so when he says something chances are it is what he is thinking.

In a recent interview with, Moon called Jeffrey Pollack a douchebag and claimed that he "f**ked it all up" for the Heartland Poker Tour.

I've never had any bad dealings with Pollack (or Duke on that matter), so personality wise, I can't say that he is a douche.

However, I look at the bankruptcy filings, the impact it had on the former employees, the impact that it had on the HPT, and I understand why everyone feels that way.

They screwed up and in the process hurt a lot of people financially and maybe irreparably hurt the HPT.

Chances are that this is probably the last time we see Pollack in any significant role in poker every again. Annie may find a way to salvage her name, but she is drawing thin there also.

The question now remains as to what Pinnacle will do with the EPL and the HPT. The HPT was a solid brand and continuing it would be a wise decision.

As far as the EPL, some major changes will need to be made to make that proposition viable.

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