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Four Intriguing Poker Stories for 2015

15 January 2015, By:

The previous year saw records shattered and new superstars emerge. Below are some of the major poker stories to follow in 2015.

Can Daniel Colman Continue to Perform in 2015?

Daniel Colman set the all-time record for live tournament success in 2014 by winning over $22 million. Heading into 2015, the question will be whether he can continue his blinding path of success.

It will be nearly impossible for Colman to duplicate his record year short of maybe winning both the One Drop High Roller and the WSOP Main Event. Otherwise, there aren't any events scheduled in 2015 that will pay more than maybe three or four million to the winner.

Even without the One Drop victory, Colman still took down around $7 million in earnings and that is entirely within reach. Now we will find out whether Colman was truly streaking or if he really is that damn good.

Will the Colossus Exceed its Guarantee and Set Record for Field Size?

Even before the end of 2014 we already started breaking down the 2015 World Series of Poker.

The main reason behind the buzz is the first ever $535 "Colossus" Event scheduled to kick off on the opening weekend.

The Colossus will offer a $5 million guaranteed prize pool and is expected to set the all-time record for live tournament field size. The re-entry event is also the lowest buy-in offered by the WSOP for an open field event in 30 years.

This event is a low-roller's dream. Satellite in for just $65 and maybe receive up to 4,000 times ROI? Who wouldn't pass up on that opportunity?

Without a doubt, the Rio will be an absolute zoo during the Colossus and should produce a field of 10,000 plus entrants. It will have to in order to meet the guarantee.

Which Phil Will Win a Bracelet in 2015?

Of course, what would the WSOP be without a bracelet watch and the two players that everyone will watch are Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth.

Hellmuth is the all-time leader with 13 bracelets and Ivey is tied for second with 10. Based on recent history, Ivey would seem the favorite to win gold in 2015 but don't discount Hellmuth.

Hellmuth always seems to make at least one final table each year and when he makes the final, he always finds a way to compete for the bracelet. One could claim that he is due to take down #14 this year and we'd have to agree.

Also, Phil Ivey completed his three-year bracelet bet last year. One has to wonder if he'll be sufficiently motivated to win one in 2015.

If he comes to the WSOP focused and with a reason to play, he will have a shot at winning. If not Hellmuth has a chance to move one step ahead.

Will the $10 Million Guarantee for the Main Event Improve Field Size?

WSOP officials decided to bring back the $10 million for first-place guarantee for the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

This decision has been met with various controversies but the fact remains that it is a gimmick devised to draw in new players.

The $10 million guarantee improved numbers for last year's Main Event but not to the degree that some hoped. Now with ample time to hype the event and with full integration with, this could be the year we see the Main Event experience true growth.

If the $10 million guarantee is successful and bringing in 500 additional players or more, expect it to become a fixture of the event for the next few years. If numbers remain flat or even falls, expect the concept to be reevaluated.

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