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Four Tips for Saving Money at WSOP

5 May 2014, By:

Thousands of amateur poker players head to Las Vegas every summer for their first go at playing the famous World Series of Poker.

For many it will be the most expensive poker outing of their lives. But while it's true that nothing in Vegas is cheap there are still some things you can do to save some money while playing at the WSOP.

1. Play Satellites

If you're going to play in a WSOP event consider trying to win your entry into the event via live satellite.

Satellites are held nearly around the clock at the Rio and are available for most events. For $125 you can win your way into a $1,000 event. A $175 satellite wins a seat into a $1,500 event and so on.

Mega-satellites are also held throughout the WSOP for the Main Event. These multi-table satellites pay seats based on the total prize pool. For example a $500 satellite with 50 players will create a prize pool of $25,000 and award two seats to the Main Event.

Satellite chips are not just good for WSOP entries but for other satellites. If you were to win a $125 satellite, you could use those chips to try your luck in a $1,000 satellite. There are plenty of players who have earned their way into the Main Event for just $125.

Playing satellites are also good practice for the actual events. If you can't make adjustments to your play to take down a satellite then it's unlikely you will be able to take down an event.

2. Don't Stay at the Rio

While it is convenient to stay at the same place that you're playing it also leaves you open to plenty of temptation outside of the events.

It's much too easy to get involved with side events and cash games and spend the majority of your time at the tables.

The best way to combat this is to stay away from the Rio so that you're forced to go somewhere else and take a break. In fact, it's a good idea to try and find a place to stay that isn't even inside a Vegas casino.

This will get you away from the gambling scene and give you a chance to unwind.

Also, if you plan on staying the majority of the summer, it will be much more cost-efficient to stay outside of the Rio.

Several companies have short-term apartments or houses available for the summer and if you do some digging you may find some private residents that have a guest house or side apartment they will rent for the two-month period.

3. Rent a Car

Depending on where you're staying in Las Vegas, and your extra-curricular activities, you may want to invest in a car rental.

There are tons of inexpensive rentals available in Las Vegas and there are discounts available for long-term rentals. Having your own automobile gives you the added freedom of leaving when you want and can save you substantially on cab fare.

You're also free to explore the city and other areas of the state on your own. Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon and all of California is out there to explore.

4. Use Your Total Rewards Card

Make sure that you use your player's card whenever you're playing at the Rio or any Harrah's property in Las Vegas.

You are required to have a player's card in order to play in any WSOP event. Every time you play at a Caesars property you earn Reward Points that can be redeemed for merchandise, comps, or even towards a hotel stay if you choose to stay at the Rio.

A couple of years ago I used my Rewards Points to purchase my WSOP gear at the Rio as well as eat out a couple of times at the property.

Note that if you are not a frequent player at a Caesars property your points will expire within six months so make sure you use them or roll them over.

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