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Former Full Tilt Poker CEO Bitar Returns to Health, Gets Married

28 January 2016, By: compncards
Remember back in 2013 when, according to reports, Ray Bitar had only six months to live?

The former CEO of Full Tilt Poker got married back in October and looks far from being on death’s door.

Bitar Marries Finance Major – Puts Claims of Health Issues in Doubt

According to reports Bitar married Jacquelyn Lucas of Tampa, FL on October 25, 2015. Lucas is a 2005 graduate from the University of South Florida with a degree in Finance.

Bitar’s marriage comes almost three years after he pled guilty for violating the UIGEA and to charges of conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud.

At the time of his sentencing his lawyers claimed that Bitar had a heart condition that required a transplant. Their argument was that putting him in prison was in essence a death sentence.

As such, Bitar was not given prison time. That was April 2013. Over a year later Allen Cunningham made a statement on the 2+2 Forums claiming Bitar had only a couple of years to live and was “nearly penniless.”

A year after Cunningham’s claims Bitar is now married and, based on appearances from the wedding photos, the ceremony didn’t look cheap.

But Does it Really Matter Anymore?

While Bitar’s marriage raises questions on the truthfulness of his 2013 claims one has to wonder whether it matters anymore.

Full Tilt Poker was sold to PokerStars as part of its settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice. PokerStars agreed to repay poker players worldwide and has repaid the majority of players.

Bitar lost the majority of his worldly possessions and can no longer work in the poker industry even if he wanted to.

While poker players are known for holding grudges, what purpose will they serve? What’s done is done and now it is time for poker players to focus on regulating online poker in the United States and other countries where it is unregulated.

Of course, there is another and less cynical way to look at this recent marriage.  There is an outside chance that reports have always been true and that Bitar is merely spending his last days with a woman that makes him happy.

Honestly, this reporter hopes that his health is better than claimed and that this is just the beginning of him starting a new life far away from online poker.

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