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Five Very Bad Habits to Get Rid Of

5 April 2015, By:

Good habits will lead to a higher hourly rate while bad habits can deplete your bankroll or even lead you to the land of busto.

Below are five bad habits you should discontinue at the poker table.

1. Watching TV at the Table

If you're watching TV while trying to play poker then you're flirting with disaster.

First, you're missing information that your opponents are giving off at the table. Next, you are also giving off information every hand.

For example, you look at your dealt hand and continue to watch TV until it is folded to you. An astute player will know you have nothing and can target you for blind steals, etc.

On the flip side, players know when to stay out of your way because you will stop watching TV to pay attention to what's going on.

If I see a player watching TV and then suddenly stop completely, I'm only playing strong hands.

2. Texting / Twitter / Facebook

Some of you will laugh at this suggestion, but unless you're an experienced player you need to limit your texting, Tweeting and fiddling with Facebook.

This goes back to lack of focus. If you're busy focusing on texting, Tweeting or posting to Facebook, then you aren't paying attention to the game.

If you notice, many pros will only update their status on break or if they are playing at an easy table. There are exceptions, and it's unlikely you're one of them.

3. Eating at the Table

While some casinos offer the convenience of food service at the tables, you should use it sparingly.

First, eating takes your focus away from the table. See a trend in this article?

Next, many foods that players eat will wind up being transferred in one fashion or another to chips and cards. There's nothing more annoying than trying to play with greasy chips or cards.

Also, some people have a tendency to develop a "food coma" after eating. The blood sugar spikes and dips can affect alertness and overall decision making.

If you're someone that eats and gets tired shortly afterwards, stay away from food at the table.

Keep in mind that we are focusing primarily on those that eat full meals. We realize that some people have to snack on occasion and this is fine. It is full meals that tend cause problems for players.

4. "Educating" Other Players

At nearly every table you will tend to find one player that wants to educate other players in one fashion or another.

They think they are helping players or even themselves but in reality they are doing themselves a disservice.

Educating players typically does one of two things. First, it makes you look like a complete jerk and can force the better players at the table to target you to make you look stupid.

Worse still, it can make the bad players actually try to play better and that will result in lower profits. The best thing to do is sit back, be cordial and take the money they want to give you.

5. Not Tipping Your Dealer

This tip is given as common courtesy for those that often work 12-hour days, sometimes six or seven days a week. Your dealers are responsible for making the game run smoothly and making the game enjoyable for all.

Some of you feel the need to only tip a dealer when you get a big pot or if the dealer is cute, funny, or does something to stroke your ego.

Dealer performance is often tied to how happy they are in the games. A well-tipped dealer will often go out of their way to make the game better.

A good dealer can make the difference in a slow moving, monotonous game and one that moves quickly and has a lot of action.

You also never know the information you will learn from dealers. Make friends with the right ones and you can stay informed on special deals coming up as well as finding out which players are fish, sharks, etc.

Dealers are service people just the same as the cute server you're always trying to get the number of. Treat them well and your poker experience will be enhanced.

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