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Most Impacted by Black Friday

23 December 2011, By:
Black Friday brought the best and worst out of poker players and the poker world in general.
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Black Friday brought the best and worst out of poker players and the poker world in general.

Trusted figures overnight became among the most hated in the game while virtual unknowns endeared themselves to the world.

Today we look at those whose public image were most impacted by Black Friday.

1) Marco Valerio

Before Black Friday, Marco Valerio was a virtual nobody in the poker world.

That changed as QuadJacks began a marathon online radio show covering the Black Friday indictments and the fallout that ensued.

As the primary host, Marco led an unconventional radio program that has blossomed into one of the most popular program in poker radio.

2) Dan Fleyshman

The former CEO of Victory Poker is perhaps one of the few connected to a US online poker site that will come out of everything having improved his reputation.

After Black Friday hit, Fleyshman made a tough but accurate decision to discontinue operations and moved his player base to Cake Poker.

This effectively shut down Victory Poker, but Fleyshman had the forward thinking to get out before facing the DOJ hammer.

Other sites, such as Lock and Cake, still could face future repercussions.

3) Joe Sebok

Sebok was supposed to be the face of the new UB when he joined the company and was going to change the world.

As his tenure with the company progressed, there remained many unanswered questions but the faithful tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

After Black Friday and the subsequent pro layoffs with UB, Sebok admitted he really didn't have much power in the company and apologized for failing everyone.

Sebok has kept a low profile of sorts since, and odds are he will do so for a while.

2) Howard Lederer

Fair or not, Lederer is the main person that players and fans of the game are placing the blame on for the Full Tilt debacle.

Howard has virtually dropped off the planet since Black Friday and some talk about Lederer in the same breath as Russ Hamilton.

Chances are that Black Friday will be the effective end of Howard Lederer's poker career.

1) Phil Ivey

Many were wondering how much we would see of Ivey at the 2011 WSOP, and we found out early on that he would not play the entire series.

Furthermore, he filed a lawsuit for $150 million that wound up being a suit over funds that didn't exist any longer.

Some feel that his suit was no more than a stunt to get out of his contract with the company.

As soon as a "potential sale" was announced the suit was dropped, making many wonder if the suit wasn't a strong arm tactic to get his way.

Until recently, Ivey has not played in many live events and chances are he will keep a relatively low profile.

Whether Ivey will be able to regain much the respect he lost over his diva tantrum remains to be seen, but considering he wasn't on the Full Tilt Board of Directors, he may be able to fully rebound.

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