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Finding the Best Rakeback Deal - Poker Junkie

23 June 2011, By:
When you're looking for the best rakeback deal, there's more you'll need to examine than just the percentage of rakeback you might get back.

It's tempting to just go with the rakeback offer that offers you the largest percentage of rake returned to you.

But that's not always the best deal in the long run, depending on factors such as your style of play and other details of the offer in question.

Rakeback sites like RakeBrain make it easy to compare different offers and deals from various poker sites.

What's the Rakeback Method?

One of the biggest factors that can impact how much rakeback you'll receive is what method the site uses when it calculates rakeback.

The two primary methods used are the contributed model and the dealt model.

If a site uses the contributed model, you have to actively contribute to a pot that's raked in order to get paid for that hand.

So if you fold pre-flop and don't contribute to the pot, you won't get any rake back for that particular hand.

The dealt method, on the other hand, simply requires that you be dealt into a hand that is eventually raked in order to get rakeback.

Using that model you'll get credit for hands even if you fold pre-flop and don't put a penny into the pot.

Which Method is Better?

As far as which method is better for you, that's a hard question to answer.

Both methods can provide you with plenty of rakeback, so it really boils down to your own style of play and what poker games you most commonly play.

If you prefer shorthanded games and like an aggressive style, you'll tend to rake more using the contributed method.

If you prefer full-ring games and play a more tight, selective style you'll usually rake more under the dealt method.

Where is the Site Located?

You should also pay attention to where the online site is located.

This can have an impact on some players as far as whether or not their online winnings and rakeback are taxed.

Some EU countries only tax poker players for their online winnings on non-EU sites, so if you live in the EU you might be better off going with an online site that's also based and regulated within the EU.

How Does the Site Handle Bonuses and Merchandise?

It's also a good idea to check to see how online sites handle bonuses and any merchandise you might buy using player points.

Many sites will deduct the value of bonuses and merchandise from your rakeback payment for that month.

The good news is that the reviews at RakeBrain make checking all of these factors very easy.

Each review goes into detail about all of these concerns, saving you the time of hunting around on each poker site for the information yourself.

A centralized source like Rakebrain will also provide all the answers to your questions so you can pick the best rakeback deal for you off the top.

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