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Russ Hamilton Gets Pwned - Blows Gasket - Still an Asshole

2 21 January 2011 , By: compncards
Russ Hamilton 286x300
There is currently an epic thread over at TwoPlusTwo forums regarding a trip that users "Slifdog" and "billysharkey" made to a Florida poker room. In the 5/10/20 NL game they were playing in was none other than UltimateBet Cheating mastermind Russ Hamilton. Below is an except from the post "Billy proceeds to engage Russ in conversation. Russ is clueless for the first few pleasantries, but then Billy starts to get under Russ's skin with an array of subtle verbal abuses that imply that Russ is karmic-ally screwed unlovable rat with no chance of having real friends and that Russ will have to always look over his shoulder and fear for his safety.
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John Racener's Drunk Driving is NOT Good for Poker

12 December 2010 , By: compncards
Wreck 430x296
Early Saturday evening, I saw a news blurb on Wicked Chops Poker[http://wickedchopspoker. com/john-racener-arrested-for-third-dui-mugshot/] regarding John Racener being arrested for his THIRD DUI charge.   After doing a little digging, I discovered that this is his third DUI charge in the last five years.   Anyone that knows me well knows my views about alcohol, but this is a case where anyone with any sense at all has to agree that John Racener needs some serious help.
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Don’t Show Your Cards to the Press

17 November 2010
*Ali Tekintamgac used false media representatives to cheat at live poker. He won big but now he’s been banned for life (I hope). * Player and blogger at final table *Cheating in poker* *Don’t show your cards!*.

GR88 Poker – Weird Messages LOL

9 November 2010 , By: Charlie River
gr88 1
I signed up at GR88 Poker. It’s a skin on the Merge poker network. I’m sure everything’s nice and fine, and I’m looking forward to be playing there. But I had some totally weird messages that I must share with you.
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